Thursday, May 1, 2014

Catch a Gnarly Wave!

There was a song that was once sung at a family reunion when I was younger. I don't remember much of it, but that we all had a part to play and a line to sing. I don't remember my line, but I remember my Aunt Kay getting up and pretending she was surfing, and saying "radical, dudical, catch a gnarly wave". I don't think I will ever forget it. Anyway this post isn't about my Aunt Kay, reunions, or singing. It is about a Youth Conference I went to...let me explain.
I am lucky enough to be able to spend my time with some AMAZING young people. I was able to go to Youth Conference with them last July (that is July 2013 (yes that is how far behind I am on my blogging)), and it was a great time. Our theme was "Catch the Wave" (now do you understand the title?). It is all about missionary work and catching the wave of sharing the gospel. We were able to go to the Steadman Ranch in Idaho, and the people who run that place are saints!
Here we all are getting ready to set out. The Steadman Ranch has EVERYTHING! So many fun things to do, and a great property to camp in. We had a lot of fun on the slides they had. Which were super long and super fun. I posted a video (sorry about the angle) and some pictures from all the fun times there. 

I have a million more pictures of the slides, but I just put the best ones on there, clearly it was some good times.

We played some serious mud football. It was a lot of fun, although some of the leaders (me included) learned quickly that we are not as young as we used to be.

Here are some picture of me with some of my cute, fun, awesome girls!
We played large amounts of regular volleyball. The net was between our tents and our kitchen so it was easy to do. One day we played some water balloon volleyball which was a blast.

There was also some zip lining to be done. I didn't get any picture of that, but I know the youth had fun there. And then we also had a CANDY CANNON! 

Let's get real, who wouldn't love tons of candy shot out of a cannon. It was literally raining candy!

Here we are before heading home. This was seriously a great time. I think everyone had fun, and above all we learned some great lessons, and were all spiritually uplifted. That is what it is all about after all. You can't ask for a better vacation than that.

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