Sunday, May 18, 2014

Family isn't it about...Time

Every 2 years we try to have a big Bringhurst Family reunion. The last one was in Alaska and that was pretty much the coolest thing ever, so it is pretty hard to top that...but this one was pretty Awesome! Maybe it is not about the place, maybe its about the people. I feel like I have had a real grinch-like breakthrough here. So this years big party was held in Yellowstone. 
On the way we picked up little Ryan, then we stopped at Bear Lake for some photo ops. I LOVE this pic of Ammon and Ryan
This place is real pretty. 
So one morning we went to Jenny Lake and took the ferry across to the other side for a morning hike.
The boat was full of a ton of Bringhurst's just like the times in Alaska (except on a smaller scale)
Commence the hiking photos. We had a lot of good fun times, and the whole thing was BEAUTIFUL!
This is where we took our lunch break and the kids had lots of fun being little mountain goats.
I made a shirt for this occasion and I needed a majestic shirt/scenic view type photo. 
So CUTE! Hangin' out with Uncle Rynan.
So Uncle Ron and Aunt Patty had a cabin with some extra room and with Sarah and the kids in the Trailer with my parents. Ryan and I crashed with these guys. It was so much fun, and we really lucked out. Except for one particular incident... One night we were sleeping ever so peacefully. When there was some serious commotion, because Ryan woke up to a bat on his face, so naturally, he grabbed it and threw it at Tierney's bed. We eventually got it out of the cabin, but we woke up everyone in the process. It was quite crazy and he was dubbed Batman for the rest of the trip. 
These are some really great scenes. I cannot take credit for the one above and the two below, I believe my cousin Lauren gets the photo creds for these. 
Huge Moose we saw right inside Jackson Hole. I have never seen one so close to town, but it was huge!
We saw SO much wildlife. The only thing I didn't get to see this time was a Bear, a lot of other people in our group got to see one though.
Here is Tierney looking so majestic in her crocheted pants. Made by yours truly. I am not going to lie she rocks those things.
We did some river rafting our family is a big fan of River Rafting it is always loads of fun. We always end of having some great stories (although none can beat the Uncle Ron story (that is another story for another time)).
An entire bus fun of Bringhurst''s a beautiful thing isn't it?
The story for this time is that Tierney flew right out of the boat. It was pretty awesome, and luckily my Cousin Juliet got it all on camera. Oh and luckily Tierney is ok. 
Here are some photos of all the other boats in our groups. 
We spent some time out on the town after the river rafting. It is always fun to check out Jackson Hole. It is a place like no other. 
This is my Cousin Hannah and I, she is just the coolest. 
Classic family shot by the antler arbor.
So since we have such a huge group it was hard to get everyone together all at the same time. So we had to carefully plan our family photo op. Since we were in Yellowstone we thought it only appropriate to meet up at old faithful. Here is the first picture of all the brothers.
Here is the picture of all the siblings, aren't they just so cute. Grandma and Grandpa would be so proud.
Here are the siblings and their spouses. 
Then there is a cousin picture. We took a picture and then someone said do the Lauren pose and without discussion this is what happened. I think she must have a signature. I think we all nailed it. 
Here is a picture of all the second cousins. Aren't they all cute?
Then here is the picture of EVERYONE! Well everyone that could be there, which was not technically everyone but we had a lot of people present or represented. It was AWESOME!
One more of all the pink people. We just had to do it.

After the photo ops we spent some time seeing Old Faithful and then spent the rest of the day cavorting about the park. 
Aunt Patty and my Mother hanging out at the firehole. 
Ammon wasn't too excited about it.
But the girls had a great time. 
There are a couple of cute viewers from the upper deck. I wasn't going to swim there but I ended up jumping in. It was awesome there was a place upstream that you could jump into and it carried you down and around into the main swimming hole. It was pretty dang fun. 
Then we went around and checked out more of the Wonder that is Yellowstone.
On the last day we hung out at camp. We stayed by Jackson lake so we got to hang out down by the shore and spend some time in the water. 
My brother went for a brisk swim. To the island in the middle of the lake. That is a picture of him zoomed in on with my camera. That is the only way you could see him.
Here is little Brenna she is just so cute.

Anyway we spent the night talking and eating Mulligan Stew (a Bringhurst Classic) and we ended the night with another Bringhurst Classic NERTS! So much fun. I LOVE my Family! I had so much fun and I am so grateful for everyone who came, and everyone who planned it. It was so much fun!