Saturday, April 20, 2013

Riggy Duggars; An Unexpected Journey

This is the true story of a wonderful bird that I once knew. Riggy Duggars came to me as a baby, through a dear friend as a Birthday present. Riggy and I got along quite well. I taught him some nifty little whistles and he would keep me company by sitting on my shoulder. I loved this little bird so very much.
After a long period of peaceful bliss, Riggy and I suffered through an extremely traumatic event involving unfortunate timing, my Brother, and size 11's. After the initial devastation and  two bird sized leg casts, we became closer than ever during his convalescence. We would spend a lot of time watching our stories, kicked back with him sitting on my neck. There were a few other close calls involving a ceiling fan and a very clean window, but we both managed to make it though those with minor injuries. Everything seemed to be going fine, we had a brief 5 month separation when I went to Russia, but when I came home we were instantly friends again. He continued to do his specialty whistles, and he would perch on my shoulder and put his head under my chin for cuddles, everything seemed to be perfect.

Then the unthinkable happened. Someone having no notion of the fact that Riggy had decided to perch on his back, walked outside during a storm. Riggy being the indoor, coddled bird that he was frightened by this change and flew off to take cover. Sadly he flew in a strange wind and it carried him far away. No mater how hard I tried to find my Beloved Riggy, it was too late he was gone. Everyone told me he was gone forever, but I always told them that he was alive and someone found him and he was making someone else happy. At which point they looked at me with pity.

It had been 8 years without my Riggy Duggars. I still thought about that lovely bird and always wondered what really happened to him. One day My Mother out visiting a woman in our ward got to talking about pets. Somehow the topic of Riggy came up and the woman related the following story:

"On a stormy day I went outside and there was a bird sitting on my fence, he looked like a house bird so I put out my finger and he flew right to me and landed on it. I took him inside and didn't know what to do with the poor thing. I called over a neighbor girl who was quite found of animals and asked if she wanted him, she did and she took him, and I didn't think much more about him." 

After some Q&A my Mother found out that this was right around the time that our Riggy had gone missing and he fit the same description. 

My Mother wanting to get to the bottom of this went to this girls house to get more of this story. She related the following: 

"She had the sweetest bird for the last 8 years, he could whistle and he would sit on your shoulder and put his head under your neck. I couldn't keep him any longer so I just sold him 3 weeks ago to a young girl" 

After more questioning and descriptions my Mother came to the conclusion that it must indeed be the very same Riggy Duggars, alive and well, making many other people happy. All those doubters be shamed. 

So here is his story thus far. RIGGY DUGGARS LIVES! We are trying to work out a visitation of some kind so we can see that little rascal again. 

Riggy Duggars...lives to whistle another day.