Monday, January 21, 2013

Art Class

So last semester I took a Sculpture Class and I LOVED it! I think it was my favorite class so far in my College Career. That is really saying something since I have taken Bowling, and Billards, among other things. Well I loved the class so much, that I thought I would share some of my projects here. Plus I don't have anything else to post right now and I need to do some kind of update.
This was my first project. We started with a general craft, mine was weaving. Then we had to turn it into a piece of art. So I weaved a wedding dress with a suit. We had to name this one so here is "Blessed Union".
This one we worked in pairs and we had to make 2 chairs that complemented each other.
This thing was sturdy too, it could hold like 6 people.
The first part of this project was to take a 2x4 and use the whole thing to make a module. I had a lot of help on this one from my uncle. I was quite scared of all the wood working equipment, but thanks to Uncle Bill, I am now well versed in the ways of the wood shop.
Next step was to replicate it using a different material. I used taped together national geographic magazines. 
We had to make 6 total. So I did 4 out of wood, 1 out of cardboard, 1 magazines.
For this project we had to make a gift for someone in our class, and the only stipulation was that we couldn't spend money. So I used some old branches from the wood stack out back and made this little thing. I was excited about this one, because it came out exactly how I pictured it in my head. That doesn't always happen, and I also got to use my newfound table saw skills.
Last by not least, The BODY ARMOR. We had to make something out of an obsolete item. So mine is made out of shot caps. The lids from bottles of immunizations. I work at a clinic, and there are a LOT of shots given there. I have been collecting them for quite some time so I have a surplus of caps. I have used them for other projects but it seemed like perfect material for this project. I figured that vaccines are like protection, so hence the body armor.
Anyway that class was AWESOME! Next class is Drawing and that scares the crap out of me, so there may not be a post like this after that class is over.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

One Wild And Crazy Week To Bring In a New Year

It all started with this....
Yup that is my Wonderful Cousin Jessica, and her Brand New Husband Will!
Here is her Lovely Parents.
Here is her Amazing Family (pictures are courtesy of my Father). I do love family weddings, it is like a whole big family reunion. It helps that she comes from a big one. So LOTS of cousins.
Along with this Cute Cousin, she flew in especial for the festivities and stayed the week!
We thought we would take advantage of the fact that we were in charge of the bouquet for the moment.
The very happy couple, pre-snow-angels. That is right people. They did snow angels. So Awesome.....and a little nuts.  
The next day was the reception, more family time fun.
The Beautiful Bride. The whole party was great!
On the way home we did a very quick walk through temple square. My Dad dropped us off on one side and picked us up on the other.
Tierney and I almost froze to death, cause it was FREEZING, but so worth it because it was beautiful as always!
We had a quieter Sunday, and spent the whole day playing board games. Which is something I LOVE!
On Monday we had a very cRaZy day. We headed up early and dropped Ryan off at Brighton, he was meeting a bunch of cousins for a day of Skiing/Snowboarding (side note: Ryan got frostbite on his nose, luckily Cousin Chris caught it early and it didn't end worse). Tierney and I drove into Salt Lake for the best waffles ever at Bruges and then spent some time over at the City Creek. 
Then we headed on over to Park City for some fun. We went to the Loco Lizard for lunch, were Tierney flirted shamelessly with our very cute waiter. Then did a little more shopping.
Then after a VERY long drive all over Midway and who knows where, we made our way to Provo. We stopped in at The Shops at Riverwoods. Then headed to my Cousin Juliet's house for a Wonderful dinner and more Cousin fun. They were partying hard for New Years Eve and we crashed it! 
After Party Crashing, we headed home a little earlier and rang in the New Year at home with our standard party poppers. Tierney and I are making a tradition of spending New Years Together. It is SO MUCH FUN!
These were special party poppers too, we got them at the World Market and they were pretty! I also got a kids accordion via my cousin Tierney from the World Market. So I spent some of the night serenading everyone with my newfound skill. I am very good at 'On Top of Old Smoky'. I am starting to learn 'Amazing Grace'.
Here is my Dad trying to keep himself awake. He has very tired eyes.
We enjoyed our neighbors fireworks.
Here is my first picture of the New Year! Snow-Angeling in the party confetti. 
There was a couple of photo's of all the party people. 
The rest of the week we did a lot of movie watching, game playing, and book reading (that one doesn't sound as fun, but I needed one more thing to add, and lets face it, it did happen). On New Years Eve when we were driving all over timbuktu, we were looking for uncharted sledding hills, we found nothing. The place I thought was my hail mary had signs forbidding it all over! We were running low on time so we just went to the backyard and then got creative. I buried her in the snow just like I used to do at the sand dunes.
We had a very flaky snowball fight
And we went sledding down the stairs.
We even built a jump at the bottom. My Brothers and I used to do this all the time when we were young.
This is the GREATEST Picture. I have had a pretty good laugh at this one.
So all in all. This was a VERY AWESOME way to ring in 2013. Thank You to all my Cousins for all the fun. A Special Thanks to Tierney for the Visit. It was SO FUN as always.