Saturday, December 1, 2012


You're the next contestant on THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!
I know it was over than a month ago, but I had to post these pictures, cause it was just so much FUN!!
I came up with this idea and they all said I was crazy. There were 2 people on board.....but I forced them into it, and they LOVED IT! Seriously these people need to start trusting me. Because all my ideas are good. Someday......
Anyway...LOOK we had PLINKO! Yup, we had it sitting by the front desk and we had the patients play it for candy!

All of us took turns playing also. It was good fun.

We also had these Showcase Showdown podiums. Jan (the one behind the podium on the right) and her daughter made them, and they are AMAZING!!!

I made all the name tags so they all looked the same. Seriously this is the perfect group costume cause even if someone didn't dress up, you just slap on one of those name tags and voila, instant costume. I even hooked up a couple of drug reps with a name badge. 

We had A LOT of fun with these Showcase Showdown Podiums.

I mostly like how we look like the munchkins from the wizard of oz while we are behind them.

We even got some of the Doctor's in on the fun.

Here is the whole crew! 

This was so fun! I had my ringtone as the Price is Right theme and walked around the hall periodically with it playing. It was SO AWESOME!!! I sure hope that we can come up with something better next year.