Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Joys of Fall

Oh how I love the fall leaves
 We headed out to Midway and camped it up in a charming little place called Wasatch Park. We went there last year for conference weekend, and liked it so much that we just had to go again.
We went golfing, and I won't speak for the rest of my party, but I did quite poorly! I guess I shouldn't expect much because I don't play enough to be good. I like the sport though and the scenery was BEAUTIFUL!!
We also did some biking. I got to really break in my new mountain bike. I even turfed it a couple of times. Bonus.
We got to listen to Conference and may I say it was amazing, as always. I also did some reading, which was so nice.
On the last night we had some visitors!
We had a lot of fun, and we had Mulligan Stew, and Smores.
There's nothing better than hanging out around the campfire with great people. 
Here are a couple more pictures of the leaves for good measure.
Anyway I had a really great weekend.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A GREATLY Anticipated Invasion!

See LOOK!!!! My 3 Favorite little people were here! Right along with my Favorite Sister-In-Law. We were SO EXCITED for this visit! It was a real Booger that my Brother couldn't come as well, but grown-ups have to work sometimes. 
This here is why they came. Sarah's sister Carissa got married and these adorable things got to be the flower girls. They are just so funny. Anyway they stayed out Grandma and Grandpa's house, which means when they weren't running around participating in wedding festivities, they were hanging with us, and boy did we do a lot!

One of the favorites was the swing. They all had a lot of fun on that, mostly Ammon though. He loved that thing. I think he even took a couple of naps in it. AND you see the fists, when it went forward he would say "To 'finity an 'eyond". SO CUTE!

Sarah's youngest Sister Heather stayed with us for a couple of days so she got to join in on craft night. We made bracelets and we painted. Then we made the masterpiece of all Masterpieces! We spent a long time creating this all season and holiday display with playdough. It was so much fun, and extremely hard to put away.

One of my favorite parts was the sleepovers! We had quite the set up downstairs with the hide-a-bed, and the bean bag. Every night we would go down and watch a movie (in which Ammon and Brenna would both fall asleep) and then Kaylee would read me Huck Finn. That kid is SO SMART! I have never meet a 1st grader that reads full fledge chapter books. She even did the voices different and made it very fun to listen too! It was so precious. I wish she could read to me every single night.

One night they played some serious dress up. Grandma got them some real good stuff from the DI, and they loved it! They had furs, purses, shoes, and of course the Tiara's

Grandma even got Ammon some stuff so he could join in on the fun.

We also played a lot of games, a lot of puzzles too.
There was a lot of playing outside. I already showed you the swing, but we also did some bug collecting. We were going for rolly pollies, but only managed to get some ants. Also on the first day Grandpa was picking some veggie's from the garden and they had a farmer's market. It was so cute, and I didn't take a picture! Can you believe it! But they had fake money and you could go buy whatever you wanted. Prices were quite steep though. I paid $100 for 5 Beans.

We took a little break from play to be has to be done.

This is right before the great dog incident of '12. This little dog next door managed to break through the fence and scare the heck out of little Ammon. He is not a fan of those things, just like his father. It took us a while to get a hold of too, so Ammon had a pretty good freak fest, and he was unable to play in the backyard anymore that night. Luckily we got in some quality Sand box time beforehand. 

I love this of Brenna having some 'tude. Bless her.

Everyone loves a popsicle break!

They also got in some good Uncle Ryan fun! He only got to be here on the weekends, but it was still great fun. He managed to get in the classic after prayer tackle. 

And now for a couple random fun pictures...

Love this one of Kaylee. She is getting so big, and WAY too smart for her own good.

Ammon had the best faces ever! One night I was looking for the remote in all our bedding and I kept saying 'Oh Geez' and he started saying 'Oh Cheese' after me, every time while he helped me look for it.

He got a new suit from Grandma, and I wish I would have gotten a better picture of it, but it had a vest and everything. He was SO HANDSOME! He knew it too he had a little strut and everything.

Sarah, was so so busy the whole time, running all over the place, so we didn't get to see her quite as much. But she had a lot of family to visit. She did love the fresh produce and took advantage of it as much as she possible could. 

This is right before they was so sad and funny. They were trying to get all their wiggles out so they were being VERY silly.

I love this kid. He got all cuddly right before we left Pittsburgh earlier this year, and he did it again. He just snuggled right in and stayed there a while. I loved it so much.

Here is a smiling one.

And here we are making our sad faces, which was really hard to do, cause their mother was laughing at us while she took the picture.

Then a last one on the porch (Brenna had something in her eye). I loved the visit, and I already miss them like CRAZY!