Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Whole Bunch of Skidmarks

It is not what you think! Not the gross Skidmarks! It's the Amazing Team called the Skidmarks! Well you see, I did a mud run last year and I just had to do it again. This time I decided to try the Man VS Mud, and I decided to take a bunch of co-workers and family members with me.
Here is the pre-mud photo. With our matchy shirts, and all of us looking SO SO CLEAN!!!
Cousin Jessica and her dear friend Will were there also.
The fun began with a big sudsy slip n' slide and then the MUD begins!
There were a lot a really great obstacles. The reverse traverse, the trench, the hay bails, the tower, all great stuff. You went over, under, through all sorts of things.
We all managed a good midway photo op here. Thanks to my father.
This was our photo op, and this is how we really run...not at all how we run cause we knew there was a camera there.
Ryan started when we were about halfway through and naturally he caught right up.
There were SO MANY obstacles!!
We got a picture before the final obstacle and the final pile of mud!
It ended with another GIANT slip n' slide! We heard that 3 people had already broken their legs by the time we got to it. So there was an elevated thrill factor. Not to worry, none of us were injured.
I think that Kathy wins the prize for best pictures, they make me laugh every time!
I also really like this one of Kevin and Barb.
After the slide we army crawled over the finish line...well Ryan and I rolled. Also that part smelled like straight manure.
We made it, and not one of us died in a pit of mud!
Here are our big finish type pictures!
It was SO FUN!!! And we are all in agreement, that the Skidmarks will run again!