Sunday, August 26, 2012


Well it is probably about time I write about this trip! It was only a couple of weeks ago. I got to go to the wonderful San Diego, with some wonderful family.  It was a nice relaxing end of the summer vacation. I decided to put the pictures in groupings this go around instead of chronological order. It just seemed easier that way. So let's begin:
Here is the first night. Uncle Ron secured us a nice Condo on Mission Beach. If you have never been, it is pretty much amazing. There is a boardwalk all along the beach and there are shops and places to eat all along it.
The first night these weirdo's and I went out to check it out. Tierney and I assured everyone when we left that we were just going to look at it and not get wet....well that lasted all but 10 mins. We went right in. It was FREEZING but oh so fun.
I loved it when the sailboats were out. I did a lot of lounging, taking in the view, and reading. Which is something that I could get very used to. 
We also spent a LOT of time surfing and boogie boarding. I myself only boogied. Ryan and Lauren were brave enough to try to surfing. They both did pretty Awesome, I only watched Lauren for a few minutes though,  I felt too creepy. You see, we accidently came upon her and her friend Heather when they were surfing. So I went down and took a couple of pictures, cause I thought they would be happy to have them, but they didn't know I was there taking pictures. So I could only stay so long before I felt like a creeper. I ended up getting some good ones, and she said she was happy to have them, so I guess it is not too creepy, right? 
Anyway there are a bunch of surf/boogie photos.We also had a lot of wildlife interaction. We met some friendly dolphins, sting rays, jellyfish, and crabs.
Classic beach photo. I had to wear that yellow rash guard cause I was FRIED! Since day one! I had tried to be so careful too. It is the curse of the fair skinned.
Waldoing on the beach. I bought this SA-WEET sweater along the boardwalk that looked like a Waldo shirt. So whenever I wore it we called it Waldoing. I actually wore it a lot, cause it got a little nippy on the beach...especially when you had to stay in the shade.... I believe I mentioned the fairness of my skin. 
One night we went out to take some pictures of Ryan surfing and I got a couple of Tiern and I.
Oh Cousins!
Another great shot.
We also played some other beach games like paddleball and frisbee. One night we went out at sunset for our annual ultimate frisbee game. It was a little short because of the small number of people and the depth of the sand, but still fun, and quite beautiful. After the game we had a few handstand contests. AND I had a GREAT wrestling match against Ryan. I say great cause I WON!!! I so took him down. It is doesn't happen often so for it to happen in public is just Great!
Aunt Patty and Uncle Ron hanging out on the boardwalk
Mom and Dad on the Boardwalk
Lauren and her friend took a cute little friend picture, so Tierney and I tried one and it didn't turn out as well. I may or may not have dropped her...hard. It was quite funny.
On the first day, which was my Dad's only full day to play (he was nerd conferencing). He, Ryan and I went snorkeling! We wanted to scuba, but the place to go only went down 10 feet so it wasn't worth it to rent all the gear, and we already had our snorkel stuff. So a snorkeling we went. In that area right behind the cute picture of Tierney.
Here are a few underwater shots. 
Here are the weirdos eating a acai bowl. We were all a big fan of these. On the last day Tee and I rode down to get a couple and we were going to bring one back for Ryan and I managed to spill it all over the boardwalk. It look like someone hurled. The person who worked at the store I spilled it in front of was like, "It is best to just walk away, and pretend it didn't happen." it was really funny. Also sad, cause that thing was $6.00! When I did it there were quite a few people around and I had a chorus of "OHHH!!!". So embarrassing.
Here we are biking along the boardwalk. I was proud of this picture cause I took it while biking and I only managed to run into one person in the process.  
A cool little burger stop right on the boardwalk.
The famous Slow-Mo. He played opera music while he skated and did tricks. According to Uncle Ron he is a legend, and they didn't see him last real, so this was a special sighting.
I don't think I need to explain this one.
We went to a pizza place one night for a pizza that was bigger than my head....actually it was bigger than like 3 of my heads. 
Here we are at the pier. We watched some fisherman, and surfers.
More boardwalk action.
This is what every night looked like. We gathered around and watched the Olympics. I was very addicted to the Olympics. I just love watching them, so it was a great way to cap off each night. We would play computer games or read during the commercials and slower parts. Then when the fireworks would start over at Sea World some would get up and check them out and then we would slowly trickle off to bed. 
More Waldoing
I was banished to the roof to clip my nails. 
While I was doing that Tierney fell off the roof...hehe. She didn't, but I think it looks SO REAL!
Quite a few Nerts Games. I am happy to say I won a couple.
We heard the Ice Cream Truck a couple of times a night, and Tierney said we had to do it at least once before the end of the trip. We kept putting it off so on the last night with money in our pockets and right in the middle of a Nerts game we heard the noise and we ran like crazy. It was really funny.
Of course we had to go to Sea World while we were there. So here is a pre-soaked picture, and this was the only time I was dry ALL DAY! Thank you splash zone! I mean you have to sit in the splash zone...right!?!
This was after the river ride. We got SUPER wet.
Tierney putting on a brave face to see the Killer Whales. She is not a fan. I however, LOVED them.
Here are some of their sweet tricks. All of the shows were so much fun to watch.
This one was before the dolphins. I didn't quite get the story of that one, but the dolphins and people alike did some great tricks.
Checking out some sharks
Snack break
I love Tierney's face in this picture.
One day we headed out to see this lighthouse and tide pool area. We got there just in time for it to close. So we just got to see this lookout, still pretty sweet.
There is the lighthouse in the distance behind Aunt Patty.
We happened across this amazing cemetery, there are a lot of Naval people interred here. It was just beautiful.
After the lookout we headed over to the island of Coronado. Here is the beach behind its famous hotel.
This was in the courtyard of the afore mentioned hotel.
Then the elevator in the hotel. With a little old man who pushed the buttons for the patrons. Tierney was very excited about that part, and he let us go for a ride. 
It was a very old, very cool hotel all the furniture was old school even. Very classy.
Then Tierney, Ryan, and I went to the San Diego Zoo. It had to be done, I mean it is like THE Zoo, of all Zoo's! 
Tierney REALLY liked these animals for some reason....I mean they are nice, but she was VERY excited about them.
They had a 4D theater that was pretty cool.
Here is a collage of animals. We saw them all. My favorite were probably the Panda and Koala's
Here are the weirdos walking around a boulder. They went around it like 5 times....for no reason at all.
We are heading into the kid zone, petting zoo and all.
And that was Tierney and I taking full advantage of all the photo op spots.
This is the skyride that goes over the whole zoo that was so very cool.
Those are the gorilla's from up high. 
Then there was some goats!
I thought I would throw this last one in for a parting shot of the beach. Since that was what we did the majority of the time was hang out at the beach. It was a GREAT TRIP! A VERY much needed vacation. SO Relaxing and Fun!