Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pittsburgh Disclaimer

I don’t know what to tell you but
…sorry for that amount of pictures that are sure to come…..

As many of you know I just got back from a trip to Steel City (that being Pittsburgh if you are unfamiliar with the slang ‘Steel City’). Many of you also know that that is currently where my nieces and nephew reside. And if you know me but at all… you will know that I am their BIGGEST FAN! Like the President-of-the-Fan-Club type of fan (just see any or all of my previous posts for proof (I should actually re-title my blog ‘Kaylee, Brenna, and Ammon are #1!’ or something akin to it)). This means that every single thing they do is noteworthy and must be documented by photograph.
Hence…….the pictures…….
What can I say I am a visual person that is just how I’m wired! Sorry Nate and Sarah….

I will say in my defense that these are the best of over a 1,000 of the pictures taken between Grandma, Crappa, and myself. So you could consider yourselves lucky that I narrowed it WAY down.

Anywho, I have gone ahead and done this in multiple post format, as to break up the picture frenzy. If you need to, you can read one a day.
I keep telling myself not to be an annoying blogger for those 5 (aiming high) people who read this or I might not have any readers, but ultimately I think this is for my benefit. I am the one that gets it in printed form, so I am going to put the pictures I want to put in darn it!

So this is my disclaimer.
Read through all 9 (sorry again) of them if you have the time.

Let's GO BUCS!

Nate came and picked us up late on Friday night while everyone else was in bed.
We got to enter Pittsburgh through the door. They say it is one of the few cities that has a door. You go through this huge tunnel and when you come out it is like BAM! Pittsburgh! It is really quite amazing.
We dropped the parents and Ryan at the hotel and I went back to their house. When we got there, there was a Kaylee sleeping on the couch. I got a hug from a sleeping Kaylee (really sleeping, she said she didn't remember anything) and I got a glimpse of the other 2 kiddos sleeping when I took her back to bed. The next morning Kaylee came running down the stairs to wake me up and then Brenna heard the noise and came running too! Then Ammon came down and he was a little more timid but I still got my hug. He is getting so very big.
That day we spent the day hanging out at the house, playing in their back yard and just enjoying the reunion. It was My Dad's birthday and that is all he wished for was to play with his grandkids.  
 We did a early Birthday Dinner, with presents, and cake.
The ice cream was a big favorite with this little guy.
After that we headed downtown to go to the Baseball Game!

They close this bridge for every home game, so the throngs can get to the stadium from all sides.
The game was the Pirates VS the Cubs.
We were literally on the back row, which was ok with us. The view was still awesome and you could see everything. Plus it was very hot, but there was a nice breeze coming from behind us.
Here are the ladies with a view of the stadium. PNC Park is great. It is right next to the river and you get a view of the Pittsburgh Skyline.
This was the first day so I went even more overboard with the pictures than I usually do. Sorry I had to add a lot of them cause they are oh so cute!
The game wasn't too exciting at the begining, buy the 4 inning they were tied with 2 runs each and they stayed that way til the end of the game.
I made the mistake of going to a potty break during the 7th inning stretch. I still feel bad about that. I wasn't watching the board close enough and I took the girls with me so we all missed the song! I am trying to take comfort in the fact that we were litterally buying peanuts and cracker jacks during the song. That is pretty cool! And we sang the song when we got back to our seats so we could feel like we were a part of it.
The Peanuts and Cracker Jacks were for the Birthday Boy. He turned 56!
So I mentioned that most of the game wasn't too exciting, but the end made up for it. Let me set it up. It was the bottom of the ninth, 2 outs, the bases loaded, 2 strikes, 2 balls, with a rookie on the plate (very rookie this was his second game). No pressure. Everyone was on the edge of their seats and the pitcher winds up throws the ball........and hits the batter in the arm, and he walks and the bucs win the game! It was great! I tell you what. There were already firworks planned for after the game. Man that would have be a bummer if they had lost. But the WON! and it was an exciting end so everyone was already so pumped when the fireworks started.
As for the fireworks.....they were AWESOME! They light them from a barge in the river so it was right in the beautiful view. So cool!
The finale was especially cool! I think I held my breath there was just so much happening, I couldn't think to breath.
Here is the whole gang for one more shot in the stadium.
This was a cute one in front of some statue of some dude. I don't really know him so I went with the close up of the cute little family instead.
Here is one of My Wonderful Sister-in-law and I on the Bridge on the way back.

Water Fun

On Monday we decided to go and check out a splash pad. The NEW splash pad actually, it was opening day. There was even an news crew there, So we were probably on the news! We sure didn't watch it though so I can't be sure.
Anyway the Girls Loved it! And it gave them a chance to try out their new swimwear (Courtesy of Aunt Cami).
Ammon on the other hand was a Big Huge Chicken! I took him into the water and he freaked out and clung to me squealing, "NO! NO! NO! NO!" 
We had a lot of fun with the waterfall of water. 
The rainbow thinger was my favorite part.
Ammon had a lot of fun running around the edge of the splash pad, staying hot and dry, and running away from anything that looks even remotely wet.
I love this picture! A sneaky picture of pure laughter.
Cute little Brenna with her Uncle Rynan.
I think those girls could have stayed all day, but luckily we packed up and headed over to my parents hotel for some more water time. We laughed a lot about this picture and cause Kaylee looks like she has crazy eyes.
Last time I went swimming with these two, they were serious pansies. They surprised me this time though. There was still a little pansy in them, but they were a lot better. Kaylee swam from the shallow end to the deep end with only her arm floaty's on and last time she had those on and wouldn't let go of the wall at all.
Brenna still had to hold on to something, but she tried to go under water a couple of times, which was pretty brave. AND she let us throw her a bunch of times. 
Anyway it was a great water day! 

a Day Trip to Kirtland

Well Nate did some research and found out that Kirtland was 2 hours away. So we decided to make a day trip for a little church history.
Grandma entertained Ammon with some stickers on the way.
We got there in the morning and started off with a tour of the old downtown Kirtland. So we saw the Whitney Store.
This is the room where you could trade for goods and it later became the first Bishops storehouse.
This is above the store and Joseph Smith used it as something of an office. They said that 17 of the sections of the D&C were revealed to him here. 
This room is the first School of the Prophets.
Here is the Whitney Home. I really enjoyed going through these homes. These people were so resourceful! 
Here is the Sawmill used to build the Kirtland Temple
And the Kirtland Temple. The first temple. It was so very neat. We got to go through the whole building and it was very cool to see that place! 
These benches were outside of the building. I don't know what they are used for, but they were very cool.
After the checking out the Temple. We headed over to the Johnson Farm. We got there right before they closed. But the missionaries were SO nice and took us on the tour anyway. I am very glad that they did cause this was a pretty awesome spot.
These are the back stairs that Joseph Smith used to get to his office. 
This is his office. This was a very cool room and there were some cool things that happened there. The whole house was very cool. 
So the Johnson farm is the place where Joseph Smith was sleeping with his wife and the twins they had adopted. And a mob came and pulled him out of bed (they also got Sidney Rigdon, who lived nearby). They dragged them 200 yards away and they tarred and feathered them. They spent the whole night removing the tar. In the morning all beat up he gave a sermon from this porch.
Here is a view from the back of the house. 
Kirtland was a very cool place. I recommend visiting this place if you get the chance. It sure helps understand the Church's history when you see were it started. Now I really want to check out Nauvoo.
For an unexpected trip it was pretty AWESOME!