Friday, April 27, 2012

Sweet-Rockin' Park

As I mentioned in my previous post. When we were recently in Moab, we discovered this cool park. We drove by and I made my Dad stop cause I wanted to get a couple of pictures and we stubbled across the most AMAZING outdoor musical collection ever! Ryan kept saying he was in Heaven. He said it at least 10 times. He is a percussionist so that probably explains it.
We took SO many pictures of this place we were all having so much fun. Some of the stuff was made out of scrap parts.
Me and my Dad are performing a duet. 
This was was one of my favorites it went over a creek and you are standing on a bridge while you were playing. There was no water in it right then, but I wonder if it would change the sound. Probably.....
This was Ryan's Favorite you spin the thing and just hit it was as it goes around.

Well I added a couple of short video so you can get an idea of how they sounded. The first one is probably the best. Ryan shows off some mad skills. The last one is also pretty sweet it was built onto the side of a train cart so the sound resonates through it. That one you could really feel. 




I have heard that you can find this kind of thing everywhere, but I have never seen it. So if you are ever in Moab check this place out. It is a lot of fun even for the inept percusionist (for an example see video 2).

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Welp I think it is about time that I updated my blog, what do you say? I went on this trip back in Feb and am just getting around to posting about it!
SO in Feburary this year we went out to good ole Moab for some high adventure. I went with my Dad and Brother Ryan, my Mother got to fly out to Pittsburg to see my Brother Nate and Co, so this was the consolation prize for those of us who couldn't go. I am not complaining it was a great trip, but that doesn't mean I am not jealous that my Mom got to go and see my Nieces and Nephew! Anywho!
We got down there late on a Friday and so we settled in for the night. We were going to do a moonlight hike to the delicate arch, but we were far too tired. There would still be plenty of time. 
On Saturday we started the day off with some Biking. Ryan is doing a triathlon later this year in Moab so he wanted to check out what he was in for.
I learned within the first 10 mins that I am not triathlon material (technically I already knew this, but it has now been confirmed). I slowed my Dad down a whole lot, and made him take off without me.
I had to take some pictures for a class so I spent a lot of the time they were riding way ahead of me to do that. I did get some good ones (I won't put on the blog cause they would be pretty boring for you, but they were great for my assignment).
I also found a nice place to relax. You can see my creepy shoes there in the middle. It was a VERY beautiful day!
After the biking, Ryan wanted to do some rock climbing so we went to watch. He needed a balayer, so I stepped up and helped out. He is EXTREMLY trusting! I have only done it once and this one was WAY harder! He did 2 climbs this one was the easier one. The second climb has no pictures. My Dad was having what he called a "Ron" moment (a reference to his brother who gets very nervous and can't watch the crazy things that Ryan does) so he went on a bike ride. It was pretty intense it almost gave me a heart attack, but I HAD to watch!
After dinner we went out to Dead Horse Point in Canyonlands to check out the view. We got there just as the sun was going down and it was sure beautiful. You can Thank my Father for the good pictures. All the good ones in this blog are his and the crappy ones are mine.
Nice shot of the red rock and the snow capped mountains.
This one is dark, but it is the twin bridge so if you can see the small figures in the center they are standing on one of the bridges and I am on the other. Ryan had some hairbrained idea that it would be fun tie some ropes around it and then go for a swing. He did not, but as it turns out, there are people out there crazier than my brother, cause I saw a video of some people who actually did that. We were going to hike delicate arch this night and did not.

The next day we went to church at a local ward, and then headed over to Arches. We got passes to go through the Fiery Furnace. My Parents and I have done it before and it was pretty amazing, so we wanted Ryan to check it out. When we went it was a guided tour but since 2 of the 3 of us had gone before we got to go through by ourselves this time! It is such an AMAZING place to explore!
I don't know who made Ryan the leader, but it was NOT a group decision, we went to so many crazy places! For example see photo above. Ryan flew up and over, my Dad and I had to take a different route. My Mom would have DIED! (the picture was taken just for her sake)
It is a good thing we had to keep moving cause it was cold, it started snowing in there. It was still pretty AMAZING!
Those are Ryan's Feet, My Mom REALLY would have died here!
I guess it is a good thing she wasn't there for this part of the trip, and a good thing we took pictures so that she knew how lucky she was.
Afterwords we were completely soaked! So I was trying to dry off my butt, with the car heater. I had to wear my seatbelt though or the car beeps at you. There was a problem, and look I found a solution.
The snow started REALLY coming down after we got out of the fiery furnace. Again, we attempted the delicate arch hike and made it about 200 yards, and just couldn't do it, it was SO COLD! My Dad braved the snow to get a picture of a much closer to the road arch though. Ryan and I were chickens and stayed in the car, and got a picture of the outside of where my dad went to freeze his butt off.
 On Monday we headed out to Slickrock. The boys had a great time! I turfed it before I even got to the trail. That is how skilled I am with a bike. I did get back up and kept trying for a while, butI did not make it far on this one either. It was mainly cause I wasn't too comfortable on the bike I borrowed, it was too big....and I could barely reach the brakes..... I guess I just wasn't game for rolling down a steep rock face on a huge bike that I couldn't stop. It was still quite pretty and I had fun exploring. 
This spot overlooked a lot of the trail. It was a great perch. It also looked like a bus stop to me....ah natures bus stop....
When the boys were done with Slickrock. We headed back into Moab. We were going to go golfing, but the course was covered in snow. So we headed back into Moab and found this AMAZING park! I am saving those pictures and videos for a whole separate post. That will be soon to follow. 
Well after DAYS of trying...we finally, and successfully, went on that darn Delicate Arch Hike!
Here we are on the way, and here is Ryan right on the edge, just for the sheer fact that it freaked me out.
There she is! Totally worth the wait and the hike.
I have seen it before from the overlook, but I have never done the hike. Up close that thing is quite impressive!
Ryan found this perch to take in its majesty...
I am doing the same, on a WAY lower perch.
Here we are underneath the arch. 
Then a different perspective of us under the Arch.  That place is quite Amazing. God has created many great and wonderful things! 
So the whole trip was a great success, and a very nice break from school and work. Thanks for the fun trip fella's!