Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Sweater Vest of ALLLLLL Sweater Vests!!!!

Do you SEE that Sweater Vest?!?!?!? Isn't it just about the most beautiful thing?!? Fully Loaded with Christmas Cheer!?! I found that beauty online and added those lights, which really make it pop. The best thing about them which is hard to see here is that they blink!
It made its first debut (a soft opening, if you will) at work for the Christmas Party. But it made it big 'OFFICIAL' Debut at my Gram-Gram's Christmas Party! It was so awesome. My cousins wore their sweaters also so we had some classy family photo op's by the Christmas tree.
Aren't they just precious? Here are some other fun/funny photos from the wild and crazy party.
 Last but not least.
I sit down for a nice photo op with the boys....and do you see this? The sad thing is that we have a very similar picture like this from a few years ago, but it was Nate with his finger up my nose and my Mom sent it out with our Christmas cards. Brothers........and people wonder why I have issues with boogers!