Monday, October 10, 2011


So there on was on a Monday night (last Monday to be exact), and my Parents told me there was a voicemail on the machine from my Dentist's Office (Stephen Christensen DDS). The lady was VERY excited and asked me to call them back because they had a 'Fun Surprise' for me. Well I had no idea what kind of fun surprise you can get from the Dentist, but after thinking about it I vaguely remember my co-worker Bobbi telling me that she told them that I had referred her, and they had made a note of it, so I wondered if it had something to do with that. Anyway I called the next afternoon and told them I am calling back regarding a 'Fun Surprise'. The lady told me the person who had to talk to me about it was not in the office, she would have to call back Wednesday. I told her that was fine, and didn't think too much about it.

On Wednesday morning though my curiosity was piqued. I texted the referred Bobbi and asked her if she knew what it might be about. She wrote me back: "maybe you won the TV?" To which I replied: "WHAT?!?!?" To which she...never replied back. So by this time I was thinking there was no way I won a TV, I don't feel like I have much luck in the raffle department, but maybe I won one of the lesser prizes like a big pencil or a years supply of toothpaste.

So after lunch I was talking with the Drug Reps that had brought us lunch that day and my cell rang with an unknown #. I answered it and the lady kindly asked me how my day was, and I told her it was real good, at which point she said she was about to make it better, because she had a 'Fun Surprise' for me. Then she said "YOU WON THE TV!" I didn't know what the TV was, I was picturing a smaller one in my mind, but I was SO EXCITED that I won something!!!! My voice got all high and squeaky!! The Drug Reps were looking at me like I was mental, probably cause I started jumping around! Anyway she told me Thank you for referring such great patients and told me I could come pick it up anytime. Then as a parting shot she said make sure you bring a big enough car. At which point I said 'WHAT?' ( in my very high, surprised voice). She said, "Well it is 51 inches". At which point I almost passed out. I said Thank you about a million times and hung up.

The Drug Reps asked me what that was all about and I started jumping around saying "I have the BEST DENTIST EVER!!!!" Then I ran down the hall and told anyone with an ear to hear!!!! I enlisted the help of my Father and his truck and we picked it up the next day!!! I even got a picture my taken with the Dr Christensen handing over the remote! I told them I already think they are Awesome they didn't need to give me a TV! But I am not complaining!
SO here is what my 'FUN SURPRISE' looks like! It was EVEN BIGGER THAN I IMAGINED!!!! I am SO SO LUCKY!!!! AND I have the Best DENTIST EVER!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wasatch Park

 For Conference Weekend I tagged along with my parents up to Wasatch Park for a little camp-out. On the way up we stopped at Taggart's for dinner. Were I ran into my friend Heidi that I haven't seen in FOREVER! It was good to see her. After dinner we headed up to the campground and it was so BEAUTIFUL!!!
We had a STELLAR camp site. This was the view from the picnic table, and it was secluded and surrounded by trees.
On Friday, I got up early for a morning bike ride with my Dad. It was freezing, HARD, but surprisingly a FUN RIDE! We went for a specific trail but when we checked it out it looked a little harder than my Mom's road bike (which I was riding) could handle. So we went up a dirt road for a while and the sights were quite lovely.
After that little tour, my Dad went to check out more of the trail we had intended on earlier and discovered that it was only hairy at the begining, So I walked the bike through that part and made it to a real Sa-weet path.
It was a winding trail through the sage bush. We took this picture using the timer and this post that had no signs on it. Wish there would have been cause we would have known not to keep going. We found ourselves on the expert level trail instead of the easy trail that I needed. We both managed to turf it once and decided that it was time to turn back, Still fun though, and pretty!
Later in the afternoon we went golfing at the Wasatch course (sounds like roughing it right?) It was SO PRETTY! There were leaves changing left and right, and I didn't have a horrible game, then again it was great either, but it was still FUN!
Here we are waiting to Tee-Off. We had to do this quite often, but it was all good, the better to enjoy the sights.
Here is my Mom showing off her good form.
Here is my Dad showing off his form. I realized that my Dad reminds me of my Grandpa when he golfs. It is quite cute....
We had a fun surprise in the form of my Aunt Kay and Uncle Bill at the same campground as us. So we invited them over for the ever famous (or infamous to some) "Mulligan Stew". It's a family tradition! I am pretty sure that every family has some form of this. Our includes 'cheeseburgers' and 'hot dogs' floating in soup. hehehe. I made that sound so bad! I have heard some refer to it like this, and I am pretty sure what you are picturing would seem really soggy. Let me clarify. It is sliced potato's, onions, and carrots in soup like form, and topped with beef patties and vienna sausages, covered with cheese. It is quite good actually. Anyway it was really fun to have them there!
Ryan joined us on Saturday morning and stayed with us until Sunday night to listen to conference. It is so much better to listen to it out there in nature. For example while laying in a hammock this was my view while I listened to a couple of talks. Pretty sweet right? Also, it was funny to notice the campground was pretty quite while the session was going but right after the prayer there was a bushel of activity everywhere! Anyway was so nice and rejuvenating, I loved it! Here are a couple more pictures.
I asked my Dad to strike a camping pose and this is what I got......
Here is the cozy hammock I was talking about. It was so very nice!
Here are my precious parents.
Here is me and my precious brother. awe....
Anyway, it is always rejuvenating to be out in nature, but mix it with some uplifting and much needed conference talks, I am fully recharged!