Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Bushel of Activity

Well as you can see I haven't posted in a while so I am going to lump a bunch of 'Awesome-ness' into one post. 

Before I get to the Awesome-ness (that is surely to follow) I have to report some bad news..... important news, but a not so fun for me bit of news. So I will make it short and to the point, to get it right out of the way, and then try to forget about it til' I am forced to face reality. My favorite little family in the whole wide world. The one filled with the 2 cutest and most precious girls, and the studliest little guy I have even known is moving away. FAR AWAY! To Pittsburg! I know that they are excited, and I know that it is going to be a great experience for them, but it breaks my heart to pieces none-the-less. 

ALRIGHT! Moving on to brighter things! 

SECOND, I was a first timer at the Swiss Days Festivities! I have heard so many great things about them, but I have never managed to get myself there. We took a girls days and spent the whole afternoon. It was VERY crowded, but worth it because of all the great stuff. 
Kaylee and Brenna's high moment of the afternoon.
I don't know what I was thinking, choosing the time when Sarah was on the phone for my photo op moment, but here it is. Whoops! 
My Grandmother went over to grab some Greg Olson photos just before we left and got there just in time to catch the artist himself. So she got all of them signed. She was pretty excited (although she doesn't look so excited in the picture (I don't believe she knew I was taking one)).
I just about stole these bad boys, but I settled for a picture. I think they are ADORABLE!!!
Brenna, Kaylee, and Grandma goofing around on the way back to the car. 
It was a really good time! AND I made a haul, I love every single thing I got. ALSO I have a million new ideas for projects! Not Like I needed anymore Thanks to Pinterest!
 On the way home we sang a bunch of kid songs and it was so much fun, the girls loved it. We sang a couple rounds, we san about some ducks, and there were quite a few monkey's snapped out of trees. It was all great fun....

THIRD, here are Ammon and Brenna being cute.
Grandma pushed them in the hammock-swing-thing for quite a while. 
They were so cute the whole time, just giggling away.

FOURTH, the ladies had a fun sleepover at the house. They stayed up and watched movies with Grandma, and in the morning we got to have some serious craft time. We made Cute Book-Worms (bookmarks), and Yarn Dolls, Homemade Ice Cream....
...and the Sweet Rockin' Popcorn Bowls!!! I thought we should make a pinata, and then it evolved into something that they could use more than once. They helped make the pinata, then they painted them all by themselves. They decided to deck them out with handprints which I thought was genius! Then I threw some sealer (in the form of modge podge) onto those suckers and we had some genuine popcorn bowls. 
Here they are showing you how to properly use them! They were pretty excited about those things. 

FIFTH, we had a fun party for Grandma's Birthday!
I got to hang out with Tanner, Emily, Cassie, and Jordan. Of whom, I haven't seen nearly enough of this summer. Also Grandma made a haul too! A bona-fide WIN/WIN scenario!

SIXTH (and final), I spent last weekend in Provo with my buddy Stef! Sorry no pictures of this Adventure, you will just have to use your imagination. I know her from my Russian Adventure and she just got back a month ago from her second Russian Adventure. So I went down to see pictures and hear all about it. Needless to say I want to go back there right NOW! Alas, I shall have to wait for an unknown time. It is always good to see her though. 

Anyway there is a recap of all my recent activities!