Monday, August 29, 2011

One Year Older and Wiser Too....

I felt like it was only appropriate to start off with this picture...
 ...after the title of this post (hehe). Well it has been about 2 weeks since my Birthday, and I am just now getting around to posting about it, but it was AWESOME!
It started the Saturday before and my friend Melissa took me to lunch. We went to Salt Lake and had some real good Tai Food, the picture above is from that event. 
 Then we went next-door and had the 2nd best Waffle I have ever had in my life! Look at that beauty (the waffle, not Melissa (well you can look at her too, but I am talking about the waffle)). It was at Bruges Waffles & Frites, and they specialize in Belgium cooking, and it was AMAZING! The only reason I said 2nd best is because I had a Waffle in Belgium, that was a little more AMAZING! Just a little...
After that we went to the Gateway for some window shopping. It was SO much fun!!!
The next evening we had a FAMILY PARTY, my Parents were headed down to education week so they were going to be gone on my actual birthday. But we partied in style, we had Grandma, Nate and Sarah, and Ryan. Sadly I have no pictures of that portion, but It was a lot of fun! The food was to die for! AND there was Carrot Cake, which is my favorite! It was a VERY STELLAR Party!
On Wednesday the 17th, which is my actual Birthday, I came into work to find this! Any excuse for my co-workers to trash my office! It was SO cool. They had the shredded paper EVERYWHERE! There were lots of Balloons on the floor and ceiling. Also, you can't tell from this picture but all my office supplies, including my computer and printer, were wrapped in wrapping paper. There were also a bunch of Happy Birthday Signs and Cards all over my desk. It was so Fun!
Then halfway through the day Sarah and Brenna brought these BEAUTIFUL Flowers in! That was so so nice!
This is me attempting to leave work with all my stuff. Lucky it was just a bunch of air that I was carrying. That I can handle. One the way home I was attacked by the Balloons though.... luckily I live close.
 That night Sarah, Kaylee, and Brenna took me out to Dinner. It was VERY Fun, and VERY Good!
 Then the girls got some pies and they were nice enough to share! They were sure good, and big! After Dinner we went to Michael's for some supplies and then we went back to my house for a craft night and movie (a Chick Flick of course). It turned out to be mostly movie though, we were a little distracted. It was SO MUCH FUN to hang with my girls though! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Visited By A Couple Phoenicians

That is my Uncle Ron and Cousin Tierney from Phoenix, not to be confused with the enterprising maritime trading culture that spread across the Mediterranean from 1550 BC to 300 BC (yup that is straight from Wikipedia). You see my Uncle Ron comes up every August for a Golf Tournament and for the last few years Tierney has tagged along and hung out with us. It is always good times! So I thought I would share some of our adventures for this trip....or rather misadventures.
We had to pack in all the fun possible, and think we got in a TON! I know I was way tired so we must have. They arrived late Monday night, and since I had to work Tuesday not much happened then. Tuesday morning Ryan came down to hang out with Tiern while I was at work, and later that evening we hung out with Ammon, and played some Frisbee. 
This is me being weird while Ryan was jumping over fences retrieving on of Tierney's many misthrows.
Then starting Wednesday things really picked up, I had the rest of the week off so it was time to really party!
First off we headed to LAGOON! Always a good time. Let me tell you, it was perfect! The Weather was lovely, there were few crowds, and the lines were short what more could you ask for!
Here is Tee and I on the swings
We got to ride all our favorite a few times each. Which doesn't happen very much.
Ryan and Tiern LOVED the water rides. So we made sure to hit all those. Here they are playing with the children in the water. We came back here quite a bit.
Here they are on the "DRENCH ME" ride. 
Then as you can see we headed over to the CATAPULT!!!!!!! This was my first experience with that thing. I have done the Sky Coaster quite a few times, but this one has always terrified me. Luckily, I was in brave, lets try it mode so Tiern and I got strapped in first. Let me tell you, IT! WAS! AMAZING!!!! They tilt you back so you are starring up into the endless sky. Then they told us they would count us down so we were waiting patiently for the count down when all the sudden...I was shot 270 straight up into the air!!! I don't think I have ever screamed so loud in my life!!!! It was so fun though. So much so that I went again. There were 3 of us so we all had to go twice so you could all go with each other...right?
Anyway here is Ryan and I right before lift-off. On this run when we got to the top we turned upside down and came down on our heads. That was a fun new twist. 
After this adrenaline rush, they went off to more rides and I went out to wait curbside with the teenie boppers for my brother to drive-by and throw keys at me. You see I didn't want to carry a whole lot so I only brought 1 car key. The problem with that (which I found out after I locked my car and realized I forgot to put something back in it) is that the key to the ignition is not the same key as any of the locks on the doors. Whoops! Luckily we found that out right away, instead of when we were tired and wanted to be home right away. We just called Nate and asked him to drop off the key on his way to school in Salt Lake. So convenient that was....well for me....not so much for Nate. Anyway he saved the day.
 I met up with them again and went around and hit all our favorites one more time. Here is Tiern and Ryan in the tandem swing. I really don't know why that is the only place we thought to take pictures. Anyway then we went home and chilled. 
The next day Tierney and I slept in a little and then went and got some arts and craft supplies (pictures of that to follow in another post) and we picked up some Cafe Rio (something that I got Tierney hooked on and we have to go to while here, cause she doesn't have one back home). After chilling, building things, and watching a movie, we headed off to Lagoon again (Bounceback Baby!).
It was a little more crowded but still WAY fun.
After that we ran home and cleaned up and got the car ready and headed off to the DRIVE-IN! We saw Captain America and Super 8 both great flicks I highly recommend them. 
Friday we headed off the Logan in the morning. On the way I managed to get pulled over and freak Tierney out cause she has never been present for something like that. I actually didn't know the speed limit there and was just following the car in front of me. The tool must have seen the cop cause he got over into the other lane and slowed WAY down. So I ended up getting a ticket!
After that mishap, we met up with Tierney's buddy from Phoenix (recently moved to Logan), and Ryan and went to lunch. After that Ryan took us rock climbing. That was also a first timer for me. I have never, ever done this, not a climbing wall, nothing. Ryan had to go up first to get it all ready for us beginners, so he had me belay him. That was interesting, he strapped me in and then was going to start climbing, until I asked if he was going to tell me how to do it. He taught me as he went up, luckily for him, it went smoothly. 
Since Tiern was being a chicken I told her I would do it first. That was quite fun, I will definitely do it again when I have more time. Good thing I have a rock climbing enthusiast for a brother.
According to Ryan I wasn't too bad either, apparently I went up fast. Coming down not so much. The repelling part was a little hard for me, it just seemed didn't seem right to just sit back, put all the weight on the rope and walk backwards down a cliff face. Call me crazy, but it just was weird to me.
Tierney went up next and she did swimmingly. She even had a little audience for pressure. 
After that we headed home cause Nate and Sarah were coming over for a visit. We busted out the Slip-n-Slide and kiddie pool.
Here is Tierney getting ready for our elaborately planned ambush, which didn't work out because of our impatience to test out the Slip-n-Slide.
Here are a couple of the shots we got while sliding, they are kinda small. I don't know why I don't have any pictures of anyone else but Tierney and I (+2 of Ryan). We spent a lot of time with other people, but I never had my camera then. Weird.
Anyway Uncle Ron come over that night, he had been staying with a friend during the golfing, and came to hang with us for the weekend. I went and picked up my parents from the airport cause they had been gone on a 2 week adventure in and around Florida. Also my cousin Jordan came up from Provo to hang.
Early Saturday My Dad, Uncle Ron, Jordan, Tierney, and I went to Lost Creek Dam for some fishing. It wasn't very eventful, I only had 2 nibbles, and that was only cause I was sitting on a tube in the middle of the Dam. I got nothing from the bank, and neither did anyone else. We totally crapped out. It was still beautiful though, and we had a nice day, and I got TOO much sun. 
My Dad told Uncle Ron and I to pose like we are holding some fish and he would photoshop some in so we could tell some fish stories. So we posed, and then my Dad posted this picture on FB. That Trickster....It is pretty funny though.
We went home in time to met up with Aunt Kay and Uncle Bill, along with Ryan, and Nate for a nice BBQ. It was a nice night and we played a mean game of Nerts! and I WON! Aunt Kay even. She is quite the legend in my family, she is a Speed Demon.
Then Sunday afternoon Ryan and I took Tierney and Uncle Ron to Bountiful so they could met up with Ron's friend and then head off to the Airport. Parting is such sweet sorrow! But I had an AWESOME week! Thanks for the visit!