Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Damn Weekend

OR perhaps it is more kosher to say 'My Reservoir Weekend'. 
That is not all I did this weekend (it just took up most of it), I actually had a fun-filled action packed weekend. I kicked it off with the Harry Potter Finale! It was AMAZING, as always, but even better cause the put in all the stops for the last one. I LOVED IT!
On Friday morning I left with my parents to go on a little camp-out. They haven't used their trailer yet this year and wanted to take it nearby for a little test run to make sure everything is working alright. I had Friday off work so I decided to tag along. Our intention was to go to Wasatch, up in Heber Valley, but they were all booked up, we checked out a ton more camp-sights and they were all booked up too, so we ended up at a place in Coalville. Which was nice, a little flooded, but nice and quite. We spent most of Friday driving around checking out campgrounds and different Damn's. 
I was pretty tired from my late night before so I missed out on a couple of the first Damn's like East Canyon and Pine View. But I when I woke up we went to Jordanelle, Echo, and Lost Creek (which is the photo above and below). I like the Lost Creek one very much! It was so peaceful there and very off the beaten path.(Sidenote: Tierney if you are reading this, we are going fishing here)
 We didn't have a fire pit at the campground, cause it was flooded so we went to Taggart's for dinner (always  great food) and then drove around some more. After we went back to our trailer, we played some game-age and then went to bed. I really wanted to sleep outside, but the ground was too wet for a tent so I slept in the bed of my Dad's truck. When I woke I up I was sitting there talking to my Dad about fishing when I heard a big splash! I thought fish first since that is what we were talking about.....
 but I was way off!!! It was a MOOSE, actually is was 2 of them! (if you are Brian Regan fans, it was a flock of Moosen (hehe)). It was SO COOL! They were SO CLOSE!!! I took the picture with my phone cause that is all I had with me. Luckily they were close that I still got some good pictures.
 I am telling you right now, that if I could wake up every morning to something like that... I would! It was just SO NEAT!
 We packed up and left the trailer parked somewhere while we drove around again. We went to Strawberry and checked out the campgrounds and the beautiful sights there.
This place has always had a negative aura for me, for reasons that I will not get into now, but I thought it was a very beautiful place. It was huge, for one thing, for another I loved the color of the water. 
 Another one of Strawberry. 
 I realized at this point that I didn't have any pictures with people in them, and my Mom always says tells my dad that there should be more people in his pictures, so I thought I should take one of people. Welp, this is all  you get. Weird, I know.
Then last of all we went to Current Creek, which was also a pretty calm cool place. With lots of beautiful wildflowers.Welp, I think we have scouted out some pretty cool places to go. I really enjoyed this little mini trip. I saw some STELLAR VIEWS! AND I liked just driving and chilling.
When I got home I got all cleaned up and picked up my nieces, and we went to a fundraiser at the park. My friend Erika's little brother has recently been diagnosed with Cancer and they had a Fundraiser for him. It was very fun, very inspiring, and I think very successful. It is awesome to see so many people wanting to help, and show their support and love. Although I know it is a hard thing to go through, I have learned a lot from watching this family deal with this. They have been so positive, so grateful, and so giving. It is a pretty cool thing to see. They have a blog if you want to check it out, click HERE.
SO there is my CRAM-PACKED weekend. And tonight is the Weber State Fireworks. So PARTY ON!

Monday, July 11, 2011


I just got back this week from a delightful vacation, which to the chagrin of my blogging buddies, means HUGE amounts of pictures. I have said it before and I will say it again. This is my form of journaling, so I need to put them all in....right? 
Well it was our annual summer vacation with Uncle Ron and Co. I always love these vacations they are always a good time, with LOTS of fun adventures. This time we headed down to Southeastern COLORADO!!! We stayed at a condo in between Durango and Silverton, and let me tell you it was Beautiful!!!!
We caravanned with Nate's family, and met up with Uncle Ron's there, since they were coming from Arizona. Surprisingly we arrived within 10 minutes of each other. Talk about timing! The first night we found a nice little restaurant and just chilled in the condo.
The next morning we stole Tierney, and headed to Mesa Verde, while Uncle Ron and Aunt Patty checked out the nearby sights. You know how in elementary school and we had to do those city, county, state reports each year. Well if we picked a closer place we would visit there during the summer. I had Colorado as my state report so we went to this part of Colorado for our Summer Trip. I remember Mesa Verde being one of the highlights so I was VERY excited to visit it again. 
We did the first little hike by ourselves. There were a lot of going down mountains and then coming back up them this day. Which is hard for anyone, but my nieces were troopers, they are seriously tough.
This was our first Indian Ruin encounter. The Spruce Tree House. It was pretty darn cool.
 You got to go down a ladder into a Kiva, they were the ceremonial rooms, Kaylee however thought it would make a better kitchen.
  A group shot....of a bunch of crazy people....for proof see Tierney (on the left).
 After that we ditched the kids and grandma and headed over to the guided Balcony House tour. Which was definitely my favorite!
 It had a bunch of ladders and, steps carved in the rock, and tunnels. It was quite fun, a quite beautiful.
We were at the rear of the group with a french family and Tierney and my Dad both managed to be a little retarded in front of them. My Dad was talking to this 10 year old kid, while the kid just stared at him. After a min he walked away saying something french to his dad. Then Tiern called me stupid in french, but the dad turned around and looked at her like she called him stupid. Those guys!

 a bunch of werdos's
 a couple of views were I was trying to show the side of the cliff. Those places are just tucked into the side of a cliff face, and they had their crops on top. It is crazy how they got up and down, cause like us, they did not have ladders!
 Ryan and Tierney and what we all looked like during the long-winded, hard to understand guides long talks. 
 A prime piece of real estate. This would have been my chosen 5x5x5 apt. It had a killer view and it was by the kitchen.
  This is the reason my Mom didn't go on this hike. She is not a big fan of the tight spaces, and this one was TIGHT, but we all made it through

 The way out was pretty sweet too. I am sure glad there were no kids on this one.
 After this one we went and found the kids and headed over to the Cliff Palace guided tour this one was WAY more kid friendly. 
 Here are a few pictures of us hanging out before our tour.
 There is a precious one of Uncle Ryan and his Adorable Nieces. Then Ammon who is quite the little man.
 LOVE this one!!!
 Here we are at the beginning looking down at the Cliff Palace, I thought it was fitting to have a princess in the shot.
 Ammon had a good time getting carried around by his pops.
 This is what we did during this tours long winded tour guide
 Here is a picture of the place. I just love the look on Brenna's face. I had to make it bigger so you can see it better. That girl is funny!
 I also LOVE this picture my Dad took of Nate and the sleeping Ammon. I think it is just about the cutest thing ever. A Father and his Son.
 Here we are making our way out of that place, more ladders, more rock stairs.
 Ever wonder where Brenna and Kaylee get their cheesy faces from?
 Here is our group shot!
The next day we decided to go on a beautiful hike along the river. We had to drive through it a couple of times to get to the start of the hike, then at the beginning of the hike we had to walk through it to get to the trail. 
 Ryan had his bike so he escorted some of the ladies over. While Nate and I escorted the girls!
 It was a very pretty hike. The weather was beautiful and so was the scenery.
 Ryan, as usual, taking the path less traveled.
 Such a poser!
 On the way back I had a turn on the bike and then handed it off to Uncle Ron. I saw him drive off and was preparing myself to come around a corner and see him laid out after a nasty fall, but I am happy to report that he made it through unscathed! I did however come around a corner and was face to face with a wolf! Then saw behind him his owner. It wasn't a wolf, but it gave me a good scare all the same. Since I was way ahead of the rest of my group and by myself.
 Good thing we had Ryan there to keep up with Kaylee, I think she ran the entire hike!
 Here we are going through the river again to get out of there. That one is Uncle Ron....
 ..and this one is my Dad.
After this we did some swimming, we went a couple of times this vacation and these girls are huge wimps!
 We talked Kaylee into trying to go under water and she came out of the water and said "It went in my nose, AND my eyes!!!" Then she cried for a while. She was happy as long as she could swim around like a mermaid (above the water).
 Brenna clung to anyone and everyone. She did jump into our arms from the side of the pool though, which is more than Kaylee did.
 Her angry face.
 Ammon the Destroyer made some major strides in his efforts to start walking (get it? strides...)
 At one point we went and checked out Scout Lake, which was a beautiful little lake filled with lily pads! So naturally we took a million pictures.
 Kaylee saving Tee from falling in.
On the way up and down Tee and I sat in the back on the bumpy dirt road, and we had LOTS of fun with the unexpected bump that sent us flying!
 The ole' fishbowl effect.
 Some hanging out in the Condo. It was very fun!
 This is us getting ready for our RIVER TRIP! We love going on these trips with Uncle Ron, it is probably cause I was too young to remember the river trip experience with Uncle Ron that my cousins Hannah and Juliet remember all too well. I won't go into that, because I think Uncle Ron is tormented enough by the rest of the family that have heard the stories! Anyway, moving on, this trip was down the lower Anamas River.
 This part of the river is a little calmer than we are used to, so we got the high adventure boats. Which means 4 people to a boat and we took the harder parts of the river. This is a picture of the 'Couple Boat'.
 And here is the 'Leftover Boat'.
 This is the only pic we got on the river. However Ryan got some video's with his go-pro camera that were pretty sweet. In this pic I like how everyone is serious except for Sarah who has a huge smile. I don't know why either, she was quite scared to go on this adventure as she has never gone down a river before, and this is right after she fell into the river. The only one of our whole group to do so. I guess she survived so that is a reason to be happy! We all think the guide did it on purpose.
We had a pretty good time, we hit some pretty good spots, and had some good water fights. We took our PVC pipe guns. At the beginning my Dad shot at the Couple's Boat's guide and then kept shooting other people the next thing we know he was in the water and the guide was swimming very quickly back to their boat. It was quite funny. Also our guide almost pulled Tiern in to freak her out, and it worked, cause the look on her face was priceless. Also our guide had us go through this spot with a lot of rocks and a lot of paddling and when we came out of it into calmer waters he said "hum, I didn't think that would work. I've never tried that before." That was a nice to know after the fact!
Here we are on the bus heading back. Look at Ryan, he is all tuckered out. 
 Sarah after her sweet adventure with the angry river.
  A very Sunburned me, and my Dad.
 The Ron and Patty
Tierney, Kaylee, Brenna, and I had our sleeping quarters in the loft area. The small loft area, it was actually quite fun being crammed in there like sardines. One night I woke up to find Brenna asleep underneath this little table curled in a ball. One night we were all in bed except Brenna and I was wondering where the heck she was so I headed downstairs to find her and found this!
For the 4th of July, Uncle Ron, Aunt Patty, Tierney, and I left early and headed for the train that went from Durango to Silverton. In the meantime, everyone else got ready and headed to Silverton by car so that they could watch the parade. 
Anyway back to the Train! It was VERY cool! First of all I loved all the workers uniforms, and I was literally jumping up and down when I realized that they punched your ticket. I had Tiern take a picture of the man punching mine.
The scenery was beautiful, and almost the whole trip went along the Anamas River. We also had an open car so the views were even better I thought.
 Uncle Ron and Aunt Patty
The whole trip Uncle Ron and I were rating the rapids of this part of the river. Most of them were rated deadly by our callculation, and we weren't suprised that most of the trip we didn't see any rafters until close to the end we saw these 3 crazy people. According to my uncle they started with 12 people.
We made it into Silverton around noon, and met up with the rest of the family, the second we got off the train. That was a very cool ride and I would definitly recomend it if you are ever in the area. Anyway after that we hung out in Silverton and had some lunch and checked out the town
I think this is so cute, and so patriotic!
The little family. Another classic Brenna face.
For the return train trip we gave up our tickets to My Parents, Nate, Sarah, Brenna, and Ammon (the kids rode for free). Tierney, Ryan, Kaylee, and I hung out around town and then went and found a sweet parking spot for the fireworks. Then snuck in a little nap. Around dinner time Uncle Ron and Aunt Patty picked us up from our prime spot and we all went to dinner, at which Kaylee is the only one that cleaned off her plate. That girl must be growing!
Here is a in the meantime picture my Dad took. I thought it was just TOO CUTE!!!!
After Dinner we checked out some shops and Aunt patty bought these cute little stuffed animals with carriers for the girls. Kaylee named her cat Kelly, and Brenna named her dog Todo. They were a BIG hit they have been playing with them non-stop since they got them. We also got some ice cream, Kaylee went with her favorite which is pistachio (?). Then we headed back to our prime spot to wait for the fireworks, we played a lot of games, and the train people were able to drive back in time for the fireworks as well.
We had heard from MANY people that the Silverton fireworks were the 3rd best in the nation after the Disney's so we had to check them out. I was inclined to believe it is true since that TINY town was packed. Also we searched license plates all day and 37 states were represented in that town in one day. I will tell you that they did not disappoint!!! THEY WERE AMAZING!!!!! They went on for almost an hour. There was at least 3 things exploding in the sky at once, and there were AWESOME fireworks I have never seen before. The very best part though was that the tiny town of Silverton is surrounded by mountain, which means there was the coolest echo. Those things were bouncing all over the place. They were SO COOL!
The next day after some deep cleaning and a little lunch break at the nearby ski resort. We headed home. Our caravan went a little different way home and the scenes were beautiful even though it was raining.
Here is a shot of Silverton, from the racing car.
There was a billion waterfalls, and they were all very pretty. I just love that whole area. I want to live there.
We stopped in Grand Junction for dinner and this was near our resturant and the girls love apples so they thought it was hilarious and they both wanted their picture by it.
This was by the apple so they wanted their picture by this one as well.
All in All it was an AWESOME trip. Thanks to all those who made it happen. I had a TON of fun. For all those who made it to the end of this EXTRA LONG post. I am very sorry for the length.