Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Newton...how right you are

There I am running merrily on the treadmill in the basement (not recommended, if you are looking for enjoyment in the activity). I have been going for a while, you know I have a rhythm going, really hitting my stride. Then.......BAM! My finger ever so lightly bumps the magnetic safety key, signally the instantaneous stop of the machine. 

Let me stop here to remind you of Newton and his 3 laws of motion:
#1 Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless external force is applied to it.
#2 The relationship between an object's mass (m), it's acceleration (a), and the applied force (F) is F=ma.
#3 For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So picture these in the context of a person running (an object in motion) on a treadmill, when the floor stops moving (unexpected external force). Do you know what happens? An equal and opposite reaction. In my particular case..... my feet flying back and my face flying into the mile/time counter. Which brings me to the F=ma equation. If my mass, plus my acceleration equals the applied force, I think you will believe me when I say I was seeing stars. 

This brings me to my inquiry, and I really need some feedback so I can measure my aptitude to that of  a normal person. To be quite honest, I hit that darn safety/death key at least once a run, and it usually ends in pain (and maybe (quite possibly) a few choice words). Does this happen to you or am I just really special?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 Reasons Why I Love Being An Aunt:

I will throw in a couple more for good measure. I have been playing around with different camera apps on my phone so I got a lot of them.
They are just the CUTEST!!!! 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

a threat followed by compliance....

This is Tierney. She is my dear, dear cousin. This post is going to be all about her.
It all started with a text exchange:
Tierney: I'm about to take your blog off my bookmarks if you don't put any new ones up now!
Cami: Ahh! I will update soon.
Tierney: Yippie!! I literally check it everyday!

You see the problem with this is..... I don't really have anything to blog about. I mean I was thinking about
doing something about Mother's Day or something, but I wanted to wait for that day to be over before I wrote it for the sake of the pictures and such. AND I would probably lose the few (amazing, awesome, stellar, wonderful, best) readers I have if I wrote about nothing, or something really boring. SO if Tierney wants a new post I will give her a new post, and it will be far from boring.....for her anyway.                                                                                  
So like I mentioned before this is Tierney, or as she is affectionately known: Tee-Dough. She is just a young squirt, almost 18, which means that I am just under 10 years older than her, but we get along quite well. It is either because she is mature beyond her years, or that my maturity level is less than par (I have been told that it is the later). Whatever the case may be, I think she is pretty cool.

 She lives with her AWESOME family in Arizona and I with my AWESOME family in Utah. We used to meet up all the time in St George, but when G-ma and G-Pa moved to Northern Utah, we started this AMAZING tradition of going on a summer vacation each year together. They have all been VERY cool, and full of GREAT ADVENTURES! Last year it was our big ALASKA trip. That included ALL of our huge family. With just our families we have done many others like: Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Breckenridge, Vail, Zions, St George, Phoenix, various camping spots in Utah, and coming soon, Durango! 
 These are just a couple of pictures of said Adventures. I tried to put pictures on here that I haven't posted before. There are a couple of repeat offenders, cause they are classic, and need to be posted twice.

Like I said before many of our meet and greets happened in St George. We would play at the dunes, play some football, or frisbee, and lots of different things. One thing that is always a part of the trip is the friendly cousin pile (see example above). They are never planned they always just happen....or form. I don't know how they started or why they happen, but it does......all the time.

This pile is in front of Chunk-O-Rama. We were standing there for a photo op and like domino's, we all just went down into the muddy bushes. Instant PILE!
 I mentioned before we like to play football, or ultimate frisbee. This is a staple to ALL Bringhurst Reunion's. These are a couple of photo's of the Athlete's. We all like to pretend that it is all fun in games, but we tend to be a little on the competitive side. I guess it is just in the blood, but we always have fun. 
I know this is all about Tierney cause she wrote me the update blog request text, but I have to mention that I think her sister Lauren (Zoom) is also VERY COOL! This is simply a pick on Tierney blog, and to finish it off I will put my favorite picture of both of them. I love it SO MUCH!
Anyway there is my portrait of Tierney, every cool, darling, klutzy, adventurous, funny, awesome part of her. I think I will dedicate it to her Birthday on May 21st for good measure. 
And Tierney, I hope that you learned your lesson
......if you didn't get it on your own.......
"Be Careful What You Wish For!"