Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a Day Trip to Denver

Yes, you read correctly, a DAY trip to Denver! My dear little friend Melissa and I went to Denver for the day. This is how it all went down. Melissa had these flight credits that she needed to use up, and there is this restaurant that she loves so much in Denver. So why not use the credits to go to the restaurant and then bribe a friend to go along. Luckily, I was that friend. So we decided on Tuesday, April 5th.

Here we are at the beginning of our adventure riding the shuttle to the airport. Right after this picture is when we realized our flight left in 10 mins. Whoops. We ran to the Southwest counter and got our tickets and the lady said 'Run, just run'. So run we the opposite side of the airport....gate B22 right at the end. We butted in front of everyone in the security line. Then ran some more. We were suppose to check in again at the gate, but luckily the first lady called ahead. They had them ready for us, so we snagged them as we ran by. Then we ran right onto the plane. It was like a scene from a movie.

We made it to Denver. This is us in the airport (we took the photo in front of a plane so you can tell).
We headed off to get our rental car, and since we only had our dinner planned, we asked them what to do. They told us we had to go to Snooze for some brunch.

Turns out that was a great suggestion.

It was a fun little place, with really cool booths.

This is what happened when we asked this gentleman to take a picture of us.

Then he took this one for us. Seriously it was just a really cool place, I loved the atmosphere.

Also they had the best pancakes I have ever had in my entire life. I had a sampler; Sweet Potato, Peanut Butter/Banana, and Pineapple. They were Delightful!

After brunch we went over to 16th street for some shopping. This is us on the bus looking for some good stores.

We found a few to check out. We didn't get anything, but it was a fun little place to hangout.

Melissa found a bridal dress shop that she was fawning over, so we took a picture by the stores bag.
After a little shopping we went out exploring and found a huge park. Melissa was really tired so we parked and she took a nap.

While she was sleeping I went and hung out here. It was so pretty, and the weather was so nice. I was loving the warmth, sun, and the light breeze.

They had paddle boats and I wanted to go on them SO bad, but sadly it wasn't open for the season yet.

Oh well, I just got to enjoy the view and I wasn't complaining. I totally dug the railing, especially the color of said railing.

Melissa woke up and came and found me so here is us walking around.

We decided to go for a swing before we left the park. We were trying to take pictures while swinging. There was a lot of trial and error with that picture taking technic.

Those are the best 2 out of the 50 I took.

Here is Melissa with the rental car. She was going to take it earlier, but I told her we had to wait for a scenic backdrop and this suited my fancy so here is the rental car.

After the park we headed over to Gaylord Street, which I loved simply for the name. We did a little shopping there.

Then we found an ice cream shop in a little area where everything was named after some Bonnie Brae lady; a couple restaurants, an ice cream place, a fix-it place, the church, pretty much all the places on the block. If someone from Denver reads this please explain why to me cause I am still baffled. Who the crap is Bonnie Brae!?!

Maybe I will never know who this Bonnie Brae is, I do know that the Bonnie Brae special is pretty good.
Now to the reason that we went to Denver in the first place....Bella Bistro.
Here is the cute little place, and I mean little, there is room for not so many. There menu is always changing with whatever is in season and you order and then watch them cook it up.
The food was wonderful..... and pretty. I didn't want to eat it, because I didn't want to ruin the art of it. I figured if we took a picture then it wouldn't be lost forever so I was able to eat it, and it was worth it, cause it was pretty darn good.

After dinner we drove around for a little and I snapped a quick picture of the sunset on the way back to the airport. We thought it would be a good idea to get there a little earlier because of our experience in the morning. We got to our gate only to find out that our plane was delayed for 2 hours, so we got to hang out in the airport for 3 hours. Talk about one extreme to the other. Oh well, I got a lot of reading done.
That was our successful day trip to Denver. It was so much fun. I mostly liked telling people that we were only there for the day. I loved their surprised reactions. It was also really nice to just have a purse. That is a very light way to travel. None of that luggage nonsense. I decided that I want to just go random places all the time. It would be so much fun. I guess I will have to keep my eyes open for some sweet airfare deals. I think next time I will try for California...near a beach....

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Fooling of April

It happened again! You see last year for the first time ever, I went completely nuts and pulled April Fool Tricks all over the place. This year, if possible, I went nuttier! Why, oh why, has it taken me so long to fully appreciate this holiday? I have had so much fun! I JUST LOVED TODAY!!!
SO I will lay it all out for you here. Starting with the prep the night before.
With the help of my buddy Lori, we put some stuff in jello. Like our fellow co-worker, Clint's nameplate. I guess you can't see it in there really well, but there is a name plate in there.

Since we had all the Jello supplies out, I decided to put a bunch of Dr Barker's office supplies in Jello (I had conveniently slipped them in my purse earlier in the day). He got it a bit worse I am afraid: One Stapler, One pair of Scissors, Two Pens, One cup of Paper Clips, One Cup of Rubber Bands, and One Fake Spider.

With the help of my co-conspirators, Sara and Jan, we managed to get every Doctor's Office with something. We got Dr Butler and Dr Foote with a Post-it note attack. We put them everywhere and labeled everything. I didn't get great pictures of those ones, but here is the idea.

Dr Bishop got Saran Wrapped. All the stuff on his desk, his chairs, his fan...well you get the idea.

Dr Stewart's office got Newspapered, and we wrapped everything (Thank you Liz for this idea). Becca's phone for example. I had the pleasure of walking by the office when the phone was ringing and she reached for it before realizing that she couldn't get it. I thought that was pretty funny.

We even got Dr Stewart's chair.

We also got Dr Nye and Dr Owen's office with the ole' Air Freshener's. I bought many car freshener's, all different flavors of course, and we hid them all over the office's. Right after Dr Owen found a bunch, he brought them back to my office and set them on my desk. Well I just went right back and redistributed when they left the office. So they had to find them again. This time they added them to Dr Nye's collection in this plastic bag that they were stowing to use against me later. Unluckily for them, I stumbled across that bag and stole it back for my own uses (more on that to follow).
In the early afternoon I had to run to the Layton Clinic to talk to my Supervisor. I tried to sneak out without anyone noticing, but I was caught, and while I was gone they had time to retaliate. They did manage to put soap all over my windshield before I left. Luckily for me I am out of washer fluid so I didn't try to clean off my window, cause that would have been a mess. Instead I just drove around like this:
Well I was only gone for about 30 minutes and when I came back I found this:
They did everything back to me. I got Saraned, Post-it Labeled, Newspapered, Air-Freshened, and Vasolined! There had to be a lot of them helping, cause this was done fast! Becca said that Dr Bishop was in there giggling like a school girl (I am not going to lie I can kinda picture it). Sara, my partner in crime, was in on this one too! And my other cohort Jan, she was sitting in the office next door laughing! I guess all is fair in love and war.
I had a patient come in to talk to me with my desk like this. It was actually pretty interesting. I had to type and see through the saran wrap on my computer. I had to unwrap the credit card machine to take a payment.
I also had to unwrap a pen for them, only to find that they had removed all the ink from my pens and wrapped those separately. You gotta respect their attention to detail.
Since Sara broke our partner's in crime code, I was able to get her back. This is where that bag of air fresheners came into play. Becca and I went out to her Jeep and where able to unzip a little of that canvas top and toss in about 20 air fresheners. Then we wrapped that thing up good with saran wrap.
So I didn't get a picture of some other things throughout the day, but let me tell you about them.
I went crazy again with the Ultrasound Gel. I put it on the door handles all afternoon, and got quite a few people. We put some on our courier George's bucket, he retaliated with the vasoline on my door handles.
We put clear nail polish on the end of pens to make the user think that they were dried up.
Sara and I got some old nail polish and poured them out on wax paper to dried (thanks again Liz for the idea). Then we put those on everyone's paperwork, to make it look like the nail polish spilled. We got quite a few with that one.
We tapped the bottom of their mouses, and their phones.
This last one is my favorite, mostly because I didn't think it would work at all, and it was AWESOME!!! I made 20 copies of a single paperclip. Then I put those copied papers back into the paper tray. Then when someone would make a copy there would be a paperclip on it. Well I did it and forgot about it, until I came walking around the corner to 2 ladies looking everywhere on that copier. They were saying: "it has got to be in there somewhere" and "we need to get a screwdriver and open this part up I bet it is in there". I had to run around the corner cause I almost lost it. I walked by a little later and one of the ladies asked me to call maintenance because the copier just kept printing a paperclip that they could not find anywhere. I said that I would and ran off again to laugh. Then I came back a little while later and asked them if I could show them something and pulled open the drawer and pulled out the rest of the paperclip paper one by one. They looked like they wanted to kill me, but I thought it was HILARIOUS!!! Apparently there had been more than a few people asked or told about the broken copier. A couple had been trying to fix it all morning.
Happy April Fools Day Everyone!!!