Sunday, January 16, 2011


If you saw my Blog or Face Book recently you would have heard that I lost my camera on New Years. I am telling you, it was tragic! Well I did all my holiday posts with other people pictures, you have probably looked at all of those already.

Good news for me! I FOUND MY CAMERA!!! Bad news for you, cause I am going to be a very annoying blogger. Not only did I do 4 LONG posts all in one day. I am now telling you that I just added a bunch more pictures on those last 4 posts and re-vamped them. Whoops! So, you really don't need to go back and look at them. Like I have said before this blog is more for me than anyone else. BUT I thought I would inform you that they are changed and there are a lot more pictures on them if you want to go and look.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So we had quite the party! We had some fun guests: the ever fun Nate and Co, the wild and crazy Tierney, and Ryan's new lady friend Amy. It was quite a fun party.
Tierney and I did a reconnaissance mission and got some sweet hats and some explosives. It caused a little confusion at the store. We were buying these toy poppers and sparkling cider and they asked for my ID. At first I thought she was making fun of me cause I was buying toys, then I thought it was for the cider (so did the gentleman behind us), BUT apparently the poppers were considered fireworks so I had to show my ID. Interesting...
This is an example of one of the party hats.
Here is Tierney and I in both of our party hats.
Then we started being weird.
LOVE the look on Tierney's face on it.
Tierney and Ammon.
Tierney and I with our crowns (they came out of the poppers).
Brenna, Tierney, and Kaylee with their crowns.
We got these sweet party glasses that Sarah are modeling.
Here is Kaylee with the party glasses.
Tierney and I with the glasses.
Little Ammon.
This is Dad while playing Mafia, in his party hat.
Waiting for the countdown, with confetti cannons in hand.
Tierney, Ryan, and Amy preparing for the countdown.
We had some sparklers.
Kaylee and Tierney frolicked in the snow and then made snow angels.
On New Years day we hung out and went and saw the new Narnia movie. I love this picture of Tiern and Ryan hanging out after the show. Later Tierney and I went to Tangled too. Had to see it again.
On Sunday we went to church and Tierney was attacked by the Sunbeams. It was quite funny. Then we came home to a Great Turkey Dinner!
This is my Dad waiting for Dinner. So Cute!
Being weird
This was a cool picture. Look at the placement of that paper right between the eyes. That was accidental.
Then it was time to take Tierney to the airport. She had to go to school monday. It was a told bummer cause I didn't want the party to end.
I had a great start to the year. I hope that this year is better than the last.

Warm me up St George

SO the day after Christmas we decided to head down to the BEAUTIFUL St George. We were meeting up with Uncle Ron and Co, and we wanted some warmth.
This is us getting started. We picked up Kaylee shortly after this picture. Good thing she separated us. Kaylee was really excited and just talked and talked. She was being very cute. Then I got a turn to drive and right before we got to St George I managed to get pulled over. Whoops! I got a ticket for going too fast. I will say this, it is a good thing he didn't catch me a couple of miles before that.
We met up with some family from Arizona. It was really good to see everyone, it has been a while. Thanks Uncle Ron and Aunt Patty for letting us crash your party.
The first thing we did, like always, is headed off to Snow Canyon.
Kaylee was really loving the sand. I told her that the rule there is that you have to get as dirty as possible. So she took that to heart.
She was so cute. She was loving it so much.
We rolled down the hills a couple of times. We did a race with Lauren, Tierney, Kaylee, and I. I went the straightest, but I think Tierney went the fastest. Hard to say, when we got to the bottom we were all quite dizzy.
Then we started digging holes to China.
Then we all jumped into the holes for a photo op.
Finish off the fun day with a Dog Pile!
After leaving a pile of sand on the seats of the restaurant we went to, we went for a swim. There was and indoor pool and it was so nice and relaxing. Then we decided to see how cold the pools outside were. I mean how bad can it be its St George. So Ryan ran right out and jumped it, and he popped right up, with REALLY big eyes, and got out REAL quick. Tierney and I should have been smart like Lauren, but we went and jumped in too. It was SO COLD!!!!!!
The next morning the boys went bike riding and got very muddy! Even thoughtI wasn't there I wanted to share the picture, cause I thought it was cute.
Then we went to Zion's!
Brenna and her cute mug on the way there.
Me and Ammon in Zion's.
Here is Ron and Patty
My Dad, Lauren, and Kaylee
Me, Brenna, and Tierney
Brenna, Nate, and Sarah
And a REALLY cool waterfall. That is ice on the tree. It looked SO cool!
Then we went and split up and these boys went on a really cool hike. We went on a cool drive.
I was in Uncle Ron's car with Patty, Brenna and these cute girls. Then Sarah, My Mom, and Ammon were in my Dad's truck behind us. Well we went through a very long and very curvy tunnel.
This was taken through one of the windows in the windows.
The first time through my car was in front and we were so confused cause we thought my mom was right behind us, and we thought we lost her. Until we came through and a large dark truck emerged behind us. My mom went through the entire tunnel with her light off. She didn't know how to turn them on!
So we went back through it and Uncle Ron wanted to try it so we tried it a couple of times. This time he turned the lights off and I took the picture. Then my mom turned off her lights behind us and we were all started screaming like crazy! It was SO scary!
After the terrifying ride!
So anyway, the rest of the week was great! We went shopping at the outlets. The kids went and saw 'Tangled' and the adults went and saw 'True Grit'. There were good reviews for both. Then we went to 'Chunk O Rama', it is tradition. My Grandparents would always take us there, so we made sure we went.
This is us hanging out on the couch after our big feast.
Nate brought his Nerf gun and Tierney brought her marshmallow launcher (both recently acquired at Christmas). Then they had a all out war.
Kaylee and Brenna followed them around and picked up all Tierney's Ammo. She got some of them back, mostly they just ate them. Those little vacuum cleaners.
It a really great relaxing trip. I am so glad that we did it. Thanks again Uncle Ron and Aunt Patty.