Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Sweater Vest of ALLLLLL Sweater Vests!!!!

Do you SEE that Sweater Vest?!?!?!? Isn't it just about the most beautiful thing?!? Fully Loaded with Christmas Cheer!?! I found that beauty online and added those lights, which really make it pop. The best thing about them which is hard to see here is that they blink!
It made its first debut (a soft opening, if you will) at work for the Christmas Party. But it made it big 'OFFICIAL' Debut at my Gram-Gram's Christmas Party! It was so awesome. My cousins wore their sweaters also so we had some classy family photo op's by the Christmas tree.
Aren't they just precious? Here are some other fun/funny photos from the wild and crazy party.
 Last but not least.
I sit down for a nice photo op with the boys....and do you see this? The sad thing is that we have a very similar picture like this from a few years ago, but it was Nate with his finger up my nose and my Mom sent it out with our Christmas cards. Brothers........and people wonder why I have issues with boogers! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Well it has happened. My Brother has moved his family to Pittsburgh. I am VERY bummed about the fact that I do not get to see them whenever I want. Right now all I want to do is just pick those darn kids up and hug them to pieces! BUT.... I am not going to let you be privy to any more of my pitty party. I WILL say that I am very excited for them and their new adventure. I know that they are excited too! I have seen the place and so far I like what I see. It will be a great place to go visit. AND so far things have been really working out for them, and they are feeling good about it. SO I am going to have to get used to it. I really am happy for them.....deep down. 
My Parents, Brother, and I decided to help out with the move by going out there with them and helping them get set up. Sarah and Ammon were going to fly in when we got there. Which I think was a pretty good idea since Ammon would have not done well on the road trip. The girls WERE ANGELS!!!! They did SO GOOD!!
We had a Moving Truck which Nate was in, with either Ryan or my Dad. Then the ladies were in control of the SUV. We had a lot of fun. Thanks to the their Mother, the Grandma's, and Aunt Cami they had plenty to do, and at every pit stop we made sure we did a couple of laps around the building to get some of our wiggles out. 
We got to make a pit stop at the Winter Quarters Temple and that was a pretty cool stop. It kinda put the Pioneers trek in perspective for me driving all that way. I was going backwards, but that trip took us 3 days by car and it was a long 3 days. Those Pioneers are hardcore, it is hard to imagine being strong enough to endure what they had to.  It was a pretty cool little spot.
The girls were in the fairy dresses for the day so it made for some great pictures. Plus they are all girl and serious posers! 
There are names of all the people who died there, and there was a Bringhurst there.
I loved these windows on the temple they looked really cool.
So to set up the next picture. I got pulled over in Nebraska the first day for speeding. I only got a warning, so no harm no foul. The next day in Ohio my Dad got pulled over. He was also speeding. His was a little more innocent, because the speed changed like 4 times within a mile. But it was WEIRD. The cop had my Dad get out of the car and go back and sit in the passenger seat of the police car, and while he was sitting there. 3 other cop cars pulled up, got out of the car and surrounded the first one. We had NO IDEA what was going on.
I tried to get a picture so you could see my Dad in the car but the window was too dirty. Anyway quite the show for one little warning. Then my dad got pulled over again, I think in Illinois. He got a ticket that time, but only because when the cop looked at the registration he noticed it had been expired (whoops! My brother was waiting for the new state). The other 2 cops didn't notice that. I joked that we should have tried to shoot the moon and get pulled over in every state we went into, but we didn't make it. We did get pulled over once a day though still pretty good.
Here is another one from the road. It was cool because we drove through 5 states that I have never been too before. I like that I can mark those off my list. We arrived Monday night and like I said it took 3 days. When we got there we started unloading and thanks to a tip from Ryan and Liz (the very helpful, amazing, awesome friends that have been helping them a ton) there were some helpers from the ward there to help us unload. SIDE-NOTE: The first one who came over to help, was a friend from High School, that I did not know lived in Pittsburgh. WEIRD!
We managed to get everything in that night. Here are the ladies hanging out at an unearthed table for some food. They were great when we got there too, they were so happy and they stayed out of the way for the most part. The next day we got everything cleaned and the boxed moved into the correct rooms, then awaited Sarah and her marching orders. 
This is not a good picture of me, but Brenna is PRECIOUS!!!!
There was one day in there that we went and checked out ''Frick Park''. It is HUGE!!! Nate said that it looked way cooler a couple of weeks ago, but we still liked it.
We found some Tarzan vines and had some fun with those. Ryan was not so successful on his first run. Nate had a better go with it.
Kaylee and Sarah had a turn too. It was fun.
Here is Kaylee and I (inevitably laughing at some witty thing I said).
GREAT PICTURES!!! A Girl and her Crappa and A Girl and Her Dad. I don't know why, but I just LOVE the one with Nate and Kaylee!!!
We got the opportunity to check out the nearby food establishments. The Eat and Park, or Park and Eat, or something was Park in it. Was really good, cause the people were so DANG nice. We told them we were in the middle of moving, and they gave us an entire box of cookies on the house, just for all the movers. We also tried some pizza, there were 3 different places with almost the same name and Ryan and I had some trouble finding the one we ordered from, but made it just in time. We also tried Steak and Shake and you can see above and below. It was pretty good. AND Curry Away, I had Pumpkin Curry and it was AMAZING!
We went up this incline thing and road the track up for a view of the city and where the rivers merge and it was VERY COOL....figuratively and literally...and by cool I mean FREEZING!! But it was quite pretty.
I think this one is adorable. I LOVE Ammon's cheesy grin!
Friday we took a day to go hang out at the Carniege Natural History Museum. It was quite fun. We saw some cool stuff, and may I say that it was a very kid friendly museum. They had stuff for them to do everywhere. We could have stayed there a couple of days and not been bored.
The Posers are at it again. They are SO cute!
They were all suppose to pretend that the dinosaurs were getting them, but only Sarah and Kaylee got the idea.
Kaylee and Brenna unearthing some Dinosaurs. I asked Kaylee if she dug up anything and she told me she didn't but the boys next to her did.
This is a interactive learning place for the kids. They got to look at X-Rays, they could collect things, look in microscopes, draw, anything really. It was pretty sweet.
Brenna did a drawing of a beetle and put it on the wall. She was pretty proud of that.
Here we are right before we were kicked out for closing. It was pretty fun. When we got home we watched Night at the Museum. It felt appropriate.
This was our last day. We all went out and played in their backyard. Ryan cleaned it up quite a bit. There were lots of squirrels back there, and since we left, I have heard there have been a couple of deer. 
He was making all the manly car noises but he I think his 'Cool-Guy-Look' was hindered because of the bike color.
Silly Girls!
Lunch break. At this point Brenna was making plans for after lunch, and I told her that I was real sorry but I had to go to the airport. At which point with teary eyes she said "But I want you". At which point my heart was ripped out of my chest!
We took some farewell shots in front of the house. 
That was not a fun Goodbye, so I will not go into details. But I was not a big fan of that. Luckily there is such thing as Skype. I love Technology! I still struggle cause I want to reach through the screen and scoop them up and never let go, but I still get to see their sweet faces and here all their wonderful stories. So I can't complain.
Anywho! That was a fun trip. I am excited to go back and see all the great things there are to see, and more importantly scoop those kids up and never let them go!