Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Awesome Technology

So the title of this post might be a little bit of a Jab at Sarah (she said this about the button that you push so the lid pops up on the baby wipes (Sarah I jab out of love(a love tap, if you will))). BUT it is mostly to explain my new toy.

Do you see this:

It is a Nook (MY Nook), or an E-Reader if you haven't heard of a Nook before.

It is AWESOME!!!

I got it for my birthday. I asked for it not thinking I would actually get it, so naturally I freaked when I opened it. I am a HUGE reader so this is a Treasure!

Well that was the main point of this post, I just wanted to brag about my new toy.

Here are a few more reasons why it is awesome. It holds 1500 books (with the option to add a memory card and add even more), you download them from the device in seconds, it is book size (with no backlight so it doesn't hurt your eyes), you can change text size and font, you can put audio books on it, you can get textbooks, you can get newspapers, you can play Suduko, you can check Facebook, you can pre-order 'Mockingjay' and download it right at midnight the day it comes out.......

Alright! You got me the other reason for this post is I wanted to brag about the fact that I got that book at midnight! I didn't have to wait in line at the store. All I did was lay in bed and push one simple button and I had it! Now that is Awesome Technology!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Concert of Danny

Someone I know, she shall be referred to as 'IT' (this is how most people know her), gave me some tickets she won to a Danny Gokey concert. I took along some friends:

Becca, Danie, and Sydney.

I was having an AWFUL day, and I really did NOT want to go. I did end up going anyway after a guilt trip from Becca and It. I will tell you, like I told them, it turned my frown upside down. It was a really fun concert. I liked it even though I am indubitably against country music (apparently he is just shooting up those country music charts (or so I have been told by the country loving ninny's (ie: Sydney, Danie, and Becca))). It is really GOOD!

Here are my 'Tiny Dancers'.

Becca and I

The best picture we got of Danny Gokey. He was just movin' too much!

This was taken while Becca was in the bathroom. Sorry dude! Anyway fun concert and I am sure glad I went. Thanks to IT for the tickets!