Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Going South

I went down to St George this weekend. This could remain unsaid, and still be understood by everyone, but I am saying it anyway, IT WAS HOT!!! Luckily all we did is hang out at the pool and then hang out in the condo. It was a nice relaxing/fun weekend.

Those in attendance: Syd, Danie, Erika and her son Caleb, and ME.

Here we are hanging out at Syd's Grandparents Condo.

A little nail painting and Tarot card reading (don't ask about that 2nd thing, it is weird).

What is always found at a girls weekend? Ice Cream!

Danie is shocked because babies don't usually like her, but Caleb is a fan.

Here are MANY pool pictures, like I mentioned before we spent a lot of time there.


Your eyes are not deceiving you. We are in fact reading in the pool. We managed to ruin 3 books, and it was not in the way you might think (although Syd dipped hers in a couple times). It was actually the sun, it is not kind to the binding. Our books were in pieces!

Danie's favorite hat. Syd and I hate it. Your opinion?

Alright so one night we went even further South to Mesquite. We were totally bummed that Erika couldn't come, but we still managed to have some fun. We all won some stuff and the promptly lost it. We didn't really leave with anything, but it was still fun to play, and annoy the cocktail waitress with Diet Coke refills.

For some reason Mesquite and I don't get along. Syd and Danie told me that I am not aloud to go anymore. For some reason every time I leave I am a little sick, some cynics may ask well if you were drinking then that would be the problem, but I don't drink anything by Diet Coke. Also I lose my voice. I don't know what it is, it just happens, I should probably go one more time just to make sure that is what it is.

After much discussion we headed home on Sunday night, but we had to take a picture of this restaurant for the Twi-Lovers.

It was VERY fun! Thanks to Syd's Grandparents for the use of the condo, Thanks to Danie and Keera for the rides, and Thanks to Syd for putting it together.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Here is my explanation and/or disclaimer, you can take it any way you like it.

As you may know, or have surmised from the title of this post, I recently went to Alaska. I will say it was right up there with the best trips I have ever taken. The thing/problem is I took SO many pictures! Plus I stole quite a few from relatives that were so awesome and of things I did not get. While I do not want to bore anyone, or over share, I need to post them for myself and for journal like purposes. So like it or hate it, here is a full recount of all my Alaska experiences broken up into a few posts. Take them one day at a time if you need, or don't read them at all. Just know as a warning before hand. There is a lot!!! And this is even the condensed version.

There are 8 posts besides this one, and because I didn't think it through the 1st post after this is the end of the trip. If you want to go in chronological order click on this:
and it will take you to the first one. Then there will be a link at the bottom of each post that will take you to the next page in the order.

Juneau on the way out

Most of us went out on the same plane on Monday morning from Petersburg to Juneau. Most of them were in a little section together. For some reason me and my parents were all split up in a completely different part of the plane. Aunt Patty was VERY kind to take my seat so I could go back and sit with Lauren and Tierney, right before the big split.

Josh, Aunt Kay, and Uncle Bill.

Ken, Jenny, and Uncle Ron

Tierney, Me, and Lauren. We look happy but this was actually quite sad. The Juneau Airport is where we all parted ways. I totally did not want this party to end. It was just the BEST family reunion ever!!!! We watched them all fly away. My Parents and I stayed in Juneau for a couple more days.

We went to this place called Glacier Gardens. It was pretty cool.

Here is a cool flower.

The Parents by the heart flower thing. Isn't it just precious?

This was their specialty, the upside-down tree. They replanted it upside-down and then planted flowers on the top. They were pretty cool looking.

After that we went into Downtown Juneau and hung out for a little while and ate dinner.

The next day we had to get ready and eat and be down at the docks by 7:00. So my Dad was suppose to wake me up at 5:30 and my Mom up at 5:45. Well he woke me up and I got into the shower, then my Mom did and we were all almost ready and I was telling my Dad to leave for a minute so I could put on my levi's, and he said 'wait!', and I said 'why?', and he said 'cause it is not 5 it is 3'. It was really funny. I was calling him names, but I thought it was hilarious. So we went back to bed and re-woke-up 2 hours later.

So when we woke up at the right time we headed out on a boat ride to see some Glacier action.
The day was overcast, which worked out perfectly because the icebergs were a brighter blue, and I got cool cloud pictures. This was on the way to the Glacier.

This is a Glacial Valley. You can tell cause it is 'U' shaped.

Some sweet Waterfalls on the way there and on the way back.

A extremely blue Iceberg.

This is the South Sawyer Glacier. We got there just in time to see a HUGE chunk fall off into the water. It was pretty cool to see. Even the crew of the ship thought so. I also thought this was as close as we were going to get, but I will show you more in a minute.

More Icebergs.

Notice how behind my Parents the Glacier is closer, then look down at the water and notice how much ice is in it.

We were going right through a sea of Ice. This is how close we were. They just pushed it all aside with the boat. I got some dirty looks when I asked all the people around me if they had seen 'Titianic'. It was Awesome though.

That is behind us. That is our path out.

Some cute little Harbor Seals floating by on Icebergs.

This one is from the way back. It was a Beautiful boat ride.

When it was time to leave Juneau I just wanted to fly back to Petersburg and do it all over again. It was just THE BEST FAMILY REUNION EVER!!!!
The BIGGEST THANKS goes out to all the Planners. An even BIGGER THANKS goes out to Uncle John and Aunt Jeannie for the AWESOME time I had. I know they put a lot into it. So Thanks SO Much!!

Well I have reached the Conclusion of the EXTREMELY LONG STORY of my Alaskan Journey. I am sorry it is so long. I just really had to put it all in there. So there it is.