Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blast From the Past

I pulled out my scrapbook last night (much to the chagrin of my roommate, who has to suffer through numerous pictures, and the telling of any number of stories). Well I came across a few pictures from my childhood, and thought I would share them on the blog. Partly because I think they are adorable, AND it proves that my Brother Nate likes me, or has liked me in the past (this is contrary to what he tells people). Also, I think it might embarrass him, and anything that causes him discomfort is what I like to do....ahhh brothers....Here we go!

This one is my favorite.

The next is hilarious!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Down From The Mountain

My Cousin Tierney came up from Phoenix right after Christmas for a visit. Since she is from the land of eternal summer, we decided to take her sledding for something completely different. So we headed up to the Mt Ogden golf course.

On the way up we told her all the horror stories from sledding; I went under a barbed-wire fence and ran into a tree, my Roommate Sydney almost lost a ear. Then we told her horror stories that came from sledding at that particular location; Ryan got a concussion after going off a teeny tiny jump, a friend of mine dislocated his shoulder. You know all those kind of stories, but then we told her she had nothing to worry about, cause she was in good hands. We also gave her the Sledding 101; Clear the bottom of the hill so you don't get ran over, Hold on for dear life, unless you get close to the lateral hazard (aka a short drop and some trees) then BAIL!

After this short lesson we were ready to hit the slopes. We went on a couple of runs before the Photographer (My Dad) got there. On the first one Tierney went down by herself and just sat where she landed. Then Ryan and I went down together and smeared her out (first sign that she did not listen to our lesson).

Here is another run I went down first and immediately I am in trouble

You may notice I am not on my tube

A couple seconds later and Ryan is not on his tube either. There was somewhat of a collision at the bottom and this is how we turn out.



My Dad took pictures on his continuous shot mode and it was really cool. It was like a play by play. I only picked the best ones for the blog though. I really like this one of Tee-Dough, she looks so happy.

Here I am getting some air.

Here is Ryan getting quite a bit MORE air, but I am not a crazy person and didn't make my own path that went over 2 gates.

I love this one of Tierney! I didn't know that she could move like that.

Tierney and I on a more mellow run, it turns out it was the calm before the storm. Sadly we don't have pictures of the stormy one.

Let me paint you a picture. I was waiting at the bottom, and Ryan and Tierney were coming down together on the big tube. They both stayed on the whole time, and they were really cruising, but they came to the lateral hazard (remember the warning). Well Ryan bailed and Tierney held on for dear life, so she flew over the embankment and right into a tree. Naturally I was laughing my head off, while the rest of my family ran to her aid. She tried to get up and walk on her ankle, but couldn't really well (one visit to the Doctor later tells us that she managed to sprain it). So anyway we stopped sledding, but we were still halfway up the hill. We were on a part of the hill that was fresh snow, and not very steep, and if you just curved around the trees it was a straight shot to the bottom of the hill. I put Tierney on a tube and gave her a little push and got on my tube to follow her. When she got around the corner (out of my eye sight), I heard this little voice say my name. I came around the corner and found this.

She ran into a fence that we couldn't see and popped her tube. Whoops!

So anyway we managed to help her hobble down the hill. We almost got taken out again, and get her safely home.......I think she had fun! I know I did.

Ok I have to fully explain the title of this post. There is a Song from this movie "The Little Troll Prince" called 'Down from the Mountain'. It goes something like this:

'Down from the Mountain,
The Mountain, The Mountain
Down from the world we know
Things unfamiliar will reach out and kill ya
But bravely we must go
Gotta show what we're made of
That we're not afraid of
Whatever there may be
So down from the mountain the mountain come follow me."

For some reason it popped into my head when I was choosing the pictures to use for this post, and it just fit so perfectly. Tierney that Brave little one came down from that mountain, following me.

A Little side note this movie is something that I don't think anyone else but my family has seen, but it is awesome and it has some really great songs in it. For example "God loves all he makes, even evil trolls" (if you need the rest of that one call me or my Dad and we will gladly sing it for you).

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Confession

Let me start with the background story:

A little over two years ago I was walking into work, at Tanner Clinic, and I watched some patients walking past Employee's cars to get into the building. Now I didn't think that was good at all, so I sent out a memo. It basically said park further back to allow the patients to park closer. Now let me just explain that this wasn't a dramatic change, oh no, it was like 5 spaces further than they usually park. Just a little to give to help a little. All I was asking was to walk like 10 more steps.

Well you wouldn't believe the uproar it caused! I am telling you, I swear at one point I saw tar and feathers out of the corner of my eye. They all say they were joking, but man, they were putting up a fight. So ALL DAY I defended my memo. I explained over and over why we shouldn't make the patients walk farther. I am sure that you can imagine all the defenses I had at my disposal. Some examples: A patient may have a broken leg, they may faint cause they are so sick, it is only 10 more freaking steps!!

So after my day of fighting, I head out and walk to my car (in the last stall, farthest from the building, that was a selling point). Do you know what happened?!?! I got Tee-Pee'd!!!!! It wasn't just your standard Tee-Pee either, it was REAL good! Like stuffed in places I didn't know you could stuff toliet paper.

So I march back in there. I accuse the Receptionists (Jan and Leslie), I accuse the Dynamic Duo of Mayhem (Deanna and Becca), I accuse a couple of Doctor's (Dr Stewart, Dr Potter, and Dr Nye (they actually did confess, but they all have alibies, and I know sarcasam when I see it, so I didn't believe them). I accused every other person in that entire building! Nothing! I mean I was laughing my head off, so I am sure that it wasn't cause they were scared. They just didn't say a single word!

Well I would let it drop for a couple of days, but then I brought it back up, and nothing! Well over 2 years have since gone by. I have brought it up many times and accussed everyone over and over again. I had Dr Owen investigate to see what he could find, and sadly He came up with nothing. I hoped that if I brought it up at random times someone might be tricked into confessing. Instead it just gave a couple of people the motivation to Saran Wrap my car. (luckily they were easier to get to confess, Thank you Gary and the Dynamic Duo of Mayhem). I thought it was crazy that someone could keep it for so long.

Here is a picture of that incident

Well there I was Friday at Dinner with Leslie, Deanna, and Becca. The Saran Wrap incident was brought up at some point. Leslie said "Hey Cami, I have a confession......I Tee-Pee'd your car." I almost died! I had a pretty good freak out, and I am sure that people in the resturant thought I was having and episode or something. I never even dreamed that it was innocent little Leslie! She also said that innocent little Jan was her look-out! Man that threw me for a loop! They are GOOD!

So here are the lessons you could learn from this story: be careful of the memos you send, and always go with your first instinct ( I accused them first).

SO here is to LESLIE and JAN!