Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween fun work style

In preparation for Halloween, my costume took many forms leading up to the big day. I was feeling a Harry Potter vibe this year, but I was having a hard time landing on the perfect choice. I wanted to be Mrs. Weasley for a while. Then I flitted through some other options (i.e. Luna, Hagrid, Ron, a Hippogrif) Then I decided to go with scary so naturally I thought Dementor, scary right? I bought the appropriate cloak and with a sudden change of heart I went with a Death Eater! PERFECT!!! Not only a Death Eater though. Snape as a Death Eater. He is Good, He is Bad. Whichever side of the debate you choose, it's the best of both worlds. So without further ado here is my preview.

I tried on my costume looked in the mirror and I scarred myself. I am sorry, but that is one scary mask. So of to work. It is always fun to see other peoples costumes. I sit by the front so I got to watch them all come in.

Here are some of the ladies all dolled up.
Becca looking for any chance she can get to where the Footie Jammie's.
We also have Lindy the Ute Fan.
Amy aka Pippie Longstocking.
Last but not least, Bobbie as Raggedy Anne.

I tried to convince as many as possible to be a Death Eater with me. I only managed to convince one. So here is Gary as a Death Eater. And yes, for those of you as nerdy as me, that is a dark mark tattoo on my arm. I thought it completed the ensemble nicely.

I decided to spray dye my hair black. I thought it was a good idea, cause I was Snape, so without my mask I would resemble him. Well not such a great idea with the mask. It got a little hot in there and so the dye bleed all over my face. Every time I put the mask on I had to go wash my face. I eventually gave up and had a very dirty face for the rest of the day.

I ran up to the Layton clinic to check out the other costumes of some co-workers. Syd is Hermione, or as her brother says 'Hi-nor-me'. This is our battle to the death.
I probably won.

Syd and I thought it would be a good idea for her to carry around my cut-out of Ron with her today. I hear they are quite the item.

Here is the Magical bunch. Hermione (Syd), Ron (Cardboard), Snape (Yours Truly), McGonagall (Amber), Muggle (Lori (what that Muggle is doing with a wand, we may never know)). There was also a golden Snitch, but I didn't get a picture of her.

On the way home people kept looking at me, they thought I was weird. So I just pulled out my wand and cursed them. Then they thought I was crazy.

Moving on, during lunch we went on our usual Friday getaway over to Sparetime for some fun. We decided on the bowling today. Our costumes made it very interesting.

Who knew Raggedy Anne was such a great bowler?

The Death Eater, although it looks like great form, not so great.

Anyway it was a fun filled day. Not a whole lot of actual work was accomplished, but that is OK, it doesn't happen very often.

I like to call this one 'The Pensive Death Eater'....................It was a good day.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well here are my pumpkins for this year.
All of which are in the Syracuse Pumpkin Walk.
I thought I would share them here, because they took me FOREVER!
So why not share them, so more can appreciate them right?
So here they are Enjoy!

Severus Snape

Michael Jackson (Thriller style)


His Bride

and what's a Bella without....

an Edward.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Kaylee? 4?

It's hard for me to believe, and even harder I think, for her Parents to believe.
But it is the truth, Kaylee is 4! I am such a proud Aunt.
We had a party over at Nate and Sarah's to celebrate, and it was great fun! Kaylee got so many always. Including a ton of new clothes, some really sweet toys, and a Ukulele (Grandma and Crappa just got back from Hawaii (need I say more)).

Here she is with her 'guitar'. Now she can have jam sessions with Nate.

Here is Brenna and Grandma playing with Kaylee's new toys. Brenna is definatly in 'Toddler Mode', and she is turning into quite the character (and may I say, a bit of a tease).

Crappa and Kaylee playing with my phone.
For some reason she loves to look at the pictures on my phone. You would think with all the toys she got she wouldn't want to play with my phone, but she played with it til the battery died.

Here I am with the Birthday Girl

Here she is with her requested pumpkin cake (spiders included).

Here she is the 4 year old. She looks so dang happy.
Happy Birthday Kaylee!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

the Picture worth a thousand ....laughs

So my Parents having been livin' it up in Hawaii, partying with my Aunt and Uncle. They are there Celebrating their 30th Anniversary (Congrats to the Parents!).

Anyway, they came across this sweet log swing, and thought that it would be one great picture. So My Father set up his camera (on a timer) and this is what happened.

Need I say more.

What a great picture.