Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Princess Sleepover

Alright, so Kaylee and I had a sleepover last Friday night. It was so much FUN!!! Kaylee dubbed it the Princess sleepover, so that is what is shall be known. We started with a little painting of the toenails and coloring while we watched 'Anastasia'. Then we made some pretty pink cupcakes with sprinkles.

Here is Kaylee mixing up the batter. She is such a good helper. She could have made those things without my help.

We frosted and then she applied the sprinkles. She was very serious about this part of the job it had to be just right.

After we made and ate some cupcakes. We had craft time. I bought this kit that had a princess crown, a wand, a purse, and a book. It came with a bunch of foam stickers and glitter. That is what we worked on for quite a while. My roommate and I have been pretty obsessed with making these happy books lately (it is a book full of pictures and things that make us happy, pocket size so that we can take them around with us (so we are happy all the time (judge us if you must, but it really works (have you ever seen so many parenthesis in one sentence (it has got to be some kind of a record))))). Anyway we made the book in the kit into Kaylee's own personal happy book.

Here she is making the happy book. I had a bunch of pictures that I had no particular use for so I let her pick some out and put them in her book.

Then she colored and drew pictures on all the other pages. It is really a fun little book.

Then I wanted to take a cute little picture of us together at our Princess Sleepover. Then it got a little crazy. Kaylee wanted to make a funny face one. Then we just keep doing them, per Kaylee thought it was hilarious. I have like 25 of them. I will just show you the honorable mentions. Kaylee had the same face in most of them. I guess she hasn't sat in front of the mirror for hours perfecting her crazy face like some other people I know.....I am not talking about me.....I might be.

I really liked this one cause we were making the same face on accident. We must be related.

Anyway those are our pictures. Then after those she went to the counter again and played with my phone looking at all the pictures and making crazy faces every time a new one popped up. It looked like this....

For some reason she likes to look at all the pictures on my phone. A long time ago, she was doing this so Syd and I would tell her the person in the picture and then something about them. Then she would go through it again and say what we said about them. For example: a picture of Danie or Melissa she would say 'she's crazy', a picture of Syd or I she would say 'she's pretty' (we were just teaching her the facts). I was surprised that she remembered all the things we taught her. I mean it was a while ago, but she picked up the phone saw a picture of Danie and said 'she is crazy', and I said 'yes, yes she is'. She is one smart cookie.

Anyway after another movie, 'Muppet's Treasure Island', we went to bed early (1:30 am). Then after a good night sleep we woke up at 9:00, because 'the sun was awake so we should be too' according to Kaylee.

So we played all morning with the Alligators (aka scissors), that were making baby alligators (aka cut pieces of magazines), then rounding up all the baby alligators and putting them in their home (aka the garbage can).

We also played with this Tinkerbell cutout that you could color different clothes for. Since Kaylee is really into flying she would put clothes on her and then fly her around. The first time she said 'Cam look at me, we are flying' and I said 'Wow you have great flying skills'. So for the rest of the time she would say 'Cam, look at my skills'. It was so funny.

The whole thing was so FUN!
The Princess Sleepover was a huge success.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Great Concert

So Melissa and I went to a Brandi Carlile concert this last April. Well we both agree that it was the greatest concert that we have ever been to (to read about that concert, look up the post called "The Greatest Concert Ever" on my archives). So obviously, when we heard she was coming back we immediately got tickets, plus I already had a shirt signed by her for my concert apparel.

Here we are waiting in the lounge during the opening band. Melissa didn't want to stand the whole time, she wanted to save her feet (real quick, who wears stiletto heels to a concert? (sorry Melissa, but why?). The opening band was really good. I REALLY wish I could have understand what they said their name was, because I can't find them anywhere and they were good.

Anyway here we are right before Brandi came on. Look how excited we look.

So last concert I was so mad that I didn't have my camera. I could have, and I would have, had so many sweet pictures. So this time I made sure that I had it, with plenty of memory available, and the battery completely charged. Well it was a bigger venue, we didn't get to meet her this time, and I couldn't get one clear picture. So it didn't make much of a difference to have the camera.

I got clearer pictures than this, but since they were all a little foggy. I decided to put this one here. It looks Psycadelic!

Anyway it was another great concert. It was the first concert of the new tour (she has a greatly anticipated new album coming out at the end of September). There were a bunch of new songs that were incredible. She sang a bunch of our favorites. Also last time she was acoustic, this time she had the full band. They were really great.

I loved it. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Unexplainable Likes of Cami

Here I am on a Saturday afternoon with nothing to do. So naturally I hopped onto the internet in search of a little entertainment. First stop Facebook, nothing exciting there. Then I enter the world of blogging to check all the new posts. I decide that it is time for a new post on my own blog and I can't think of a darn thing to write about. I did just move into a new apartment so I could show you pictures of the new digs.....not feelin' it. That is a post for another day. SO instead we are going to play a little game of what I like to call 'The Unexplainable Likes of Cami: The TV/Movie Addition' (not the most creative name, but I think that I got the point across). I guess I am in the mood to confess something. So I am going to list a couple of little known facts about myself all relating to TV and Movies. These are not your standard fun facts they are weird and I don't understand why I like them myself, but I can't deny them. There is probably some deep psychology behind it all. Who knows? I sure don't, but here it goes....

1-I am a Reality TV watcher. You may think you already knew this about me, cause I am often heard talking about the latest American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, or Survivor episode. I just don't think that you understand the extent of it. While the a fore mentioned are the favorites, I will watch ANYTHING reality. I will scroll through the channels and if I see that it is reality I have to watch it, even if it is completely retarded. It is weird cause most of the time I think they are ridiculous. I make fun of them the entire time, and I know that most of the thing is staged, but I don't care, I can't get enough. People are just so so crazy! I have to see what those people will do.

2-There are 2 actors that I L.O.V.E. It is not that I think they are amazingly good looking or that they are the greatest actors in the world. I just have to watch everything they are in, cause I really enjoy them, I just have to see what they will do. To make matters worse they are not people you would expect and they have been known to play pretty creepy roles. I don't understand what it is about them I just have to watch them. Are you curious who these actors are who have me so intrigued? They are none other than Paul Bettany, and Edward Norton. Weird? I think so.

3-I have a crush on Mike Rowe. He is on Dirty Jobs (which I just watched to get my Mike Rowe fix). He does tons of voice overs. Do you even know who I am talking about? I don't know what it is about him, but he is my older man crush. You know how everyone has a top five, a list of the most attractive famous people in their book. Well I am a firm believer that everyone is allowed one that is an older man. He is on my list.

4-I am a big fan of Pauly Shore. I think the guy is hilarious. I own almost all of his movies. I have been know to quote him...often. I don't think there is much more I can say about this one. I thinks he's great.

5-Last but not least. I am a big fan of MASH (the TV show, not the game that maps out your future life). I have all 11 seasons on DVD, and watch them frequently. I love all the characters, they are all great. If I had to pick a favorite it would probably be Henry Blake. It is just so funny to me, all their antics. I didn't always love the show either. I had a roommate in college that used to watch it all the time. I kind of judged her a little. I thought it was a dumb show, and didn't understand the attraction. Then I decided I couldn't judge until I actually sat down and watched it. Well my eyes were opened, I was a goner, hooked line and sinker, and I've never looked back. So thanks to Lynette for this strange addiction.

So there you have it. I am sure there are more, but that is all you get for now. Judge me and laugh behind my back if you must. I am sorry if this is distubing. I did warn you, and you all knew going into this that I am not what you would call 'normal'. So there it is....Weird? You be the judge.