Wednesday, August 19, 2009

....and a little camping

So like I have mentioned before. Uncle Ron and Tierney came for a visit. We decided that they needed a good camping trip up at Beaver Mountian to round off their trip. So my parents headed up early to get us a great spot. Tierney and I headed up the next day, and picked up Ryan on the way. Unfortunatly Ryan had a suprise inspection so he had to hurry and clean his apartment. So Tierney and I hung out on his porch. This is what we found....

This is the Hammock Bunk Bed. It is amazing what you can find at a bacholer pad. Here is Tierney trying to get into the top bunk. As you can see it is not as easy as it looks.

After getting into the top bunk successfully I managed to get into the lower for this photo oportunity. It is weird, but if they like the hammock bunk that is fine with me.

After a bit of a delay. We finally made it up Logan Canyon a couple hours after the original plan, and found my mother. My dad had to go down earlier for a work meeting, and to pick up Uncle Ronie, and since she had no phone service and no car, naturally she was freaking.

Here is Tee-Dough and I. We imediatly went to the 'secret fort' that was in the camp site for a card game. My Mom came up and took a picture of us, and without looking at each other first we made the same face. We must be related.

Here are the troops building Kaylee's house (this is what she called this the whole time).

This is the really fun game of throwing the stick. Let me explain. There was a pretty dead, dry tree right next to the picnic table. Ryan decided that it would make really good firewood. So He, along with Nate, threw wood at the tree to knock more wood out. This was all carefully supervised by My Dad and Uncle Ron. This kept them all entertained for quite some time.

Thanks to the wood throwing we managed to get a nice fire for Hot Dogs and such. Later Nate entertained us all with some burning plastic drops (that is exactly what it sounds like).

Here is the Parentials. Yes my dad has a headlight on, that is his go too camping tool. It does come in handy I guess.

So the night was fine a little cold. Around 4:00 AM I had to go on a potty run. I scared myself pretty good cause I didn't have my contacts in. So I couldn't see, it was dark, the wolves were howling. You get the picture. When I got back everyone decided that it was time for a potty run. So everyone else got up. Why they couldn't go with me before to save me from my imagination, we may never know. Anyway, right when we were all back snug in our beds the rain started for the rest of the morning.

So the next few pictures are us waiting out the rain under the make-shift roof, by the fire. I LOVE this picture of Brenna. She has her hands in her pockets and she is just chillin' looking at the fire. It is so so Cute!

Here we are under the tarp.

Ryan was protecting the fire with the umbrella.

Brenna by the fire again.

Kaylee and me cuddling for warmth.

After a while we headed off towards Bear River. We ate breakfast at this nice little resturant in town. It was pretty darn good. Then we headed off for a drive around the lake as it was still raining.

Here is Tee-Dough and I at this look out point. The sky looked really cool.

I thought this was so adorable. We stopped and only a couple people got out. We went down and skipped some rocks and tossed a frisbee (I almost went swimming, after a throw of mine that went terribly awry). Then Nate went running along the beach, and I told Kaylee to go get Daddy. So she did and look how cute. The big footprints from Nate running and then the little ones next to it from Kaylee. It is tender isn't it?

Here is more from our drive around the lake. It started clearing up so Tierney, Ryan and I rode in the back to take in all the scenery.

So we drove out to the beach and hung out for a little while. Once the weather cleared up. We put Kaylee and Brenna in this boat and I pulled them all over. They really had fun with this (everyone didn't understand why I was blowing that thing up cause they didn't think those kids would get in it, and they couldn't get enough). After a while Brenna went back onto dry land to warm up. So Tierney, Kaylee and I went out for another spin. Tee-Dough and I sung some pretty good Little Mermaid song for Ariel (Kaylee's alter ego for the day). It was great fun.

Here is Brenna poking Nate in the face while he is taking a nap.

This is Kaylee's camping outfit.

Then we went back to camp and started packing up.
We decided to leave a day early cause it was suppose to rain again, and we had little kids in tents so we didn't want to rough-it. (I also think that Uncle Ron had something to do with the decision, but that is just my own speculation).

Anyway, Ryan is packing up Tierney. This is the only way we could get her to leave.
It was really fun, even though it was a short rainy trip.

a good ole' time at Lagoon

It seems like the only time I go to Lagoon is if family from out of town comes in for a visit. So thank you Tierney for the visit.
I got in a Lagoon day!
I am not sure how much I liked the begining of the day, but Lagoon was just as fun as always. So the begining of this adventure, Ryan and Tierney wanted to go to the water park. Sydney and I wanted to sleep in and not get wet. SO, Ryan and Tee-Dough went over right when it opened and Syd and I slept in and got all nice and ready for the day. Well Syd and I got there about a half hour before our meet time at the front gates. So we decided to stay near the front and go on a quick ride and then come right back. To the right we go. First we come to the Terror ride, no thank you, I will not go on the thing unless dragged (I had a bad experience). Second, the White Rollercoaster, the line looked too long for a quick ride. Next we come to the Cliffhanger, which many of you know as a wet ride, you may also remember that I said Syd and I didn't want to get wet. Well there was no line for this ride, why? Maybe we should have asked ourselves that same question. We walk right on, sat right down, and they pour water on top of our heads while strapped in. I have never been so wet in my life! I know you are thinking, 'you idiots it is a wet ride, you should have known what was coming'. Well let me tell you in my defense, the last time I went on that ride, I DID want to get wet, and I had a drop of water on my shirt when I got off.... and that was it! So anyway we walked back to the meeting place dripping to meet Ryan and Tierney who just came from the water park both as dry as can be.
We wanted to document the wetness. I don't know if you can tell, but this is Sydney very very wet.
So here is the begining of our adventure. Here is Tee-Dough and Ryan by the front gates. We took pictures at the begining and then put the camera in a locker so you only get a couple of photos.

Then the girls.

It was great, we went on all the rides that we wanted too, the favorites twice. I got my adrenaline rush fix (maybe too much, I got kind of Dizzy after getting off of some of those rides), Sydney faced her fear (she went on the Rocket, she hates the Rocket, but I sang her her favorite song (my least favorite song) all the way up, and she handled it like a champ), Tee-Dough didn't embarrass herself (also on the Rocket, last year, we got to the top of Re-Entry and she screamed her guts out while we were still at the top, she thought that we were dropping, then realized we weren't yet, stopped screaming and went 'oh'), and Ryan got to go on the Swings....twice.

This last one of Ryan, was really funny the moon looked really cool and he wanted me to take a picture of it. I didn't want to take a picture of just the moon so I made him get into the picture. This is what happened. He is so silly! The moon really was cool, by the way, it doesn't really show in the picture.

Anyway a successful Lagoon trip. It was really fun!

Everyone Loves a Picnic

So I was really excited for the first week of August cause we had a visit from Uncle Ron and Tierney, but as an added surprise we got to see Cousin Jacque and family too! We all gathered at a park in Bountiful and had a wonderful picnic. It was fun to see everyone.
Here is Aunt Kay and Uncle Bill just chillin'. Not really sure if they were happy with my picture taking or not.
Here is Mom, Uncle Bill, Nate, and Tierney hanging out in the shade. While I was getting my grey hair pulled out. 'What!?!' you would be sure to say 'you are far too young to have grey hair'. In which case I will say 'It is kind of you to say, but alas, I do have a few little grey hairs (and I just turned 26 (which makes me no spring chicken))'.....I think I am going to go ahead and stick with the number 'a few' cause if I told you the real number some jaws may drop. I only had a couple until that point, but my cousin Breanna was so nice to pull out those last 'few'.
Here is Brenna enjoying her watermelon rind. Isn't that the best part?
The Brothers Ron and Mark. Aren't they just so cute?
Aunt Kay and Cousin Kelly. This was during our talk about good books. I have added to my list of must reads.
I think this picture is funny. Look and Jacque and Breanna, they look adorable, posing for this cute picture, and then there is Shane and Evan not even paying attention.
Here is Tear-Dough and I.
The cute couple who recently celebrated their 5 year anniversary. Still just as cute as ever.
Brenna looking cute like always.
Then here is the Bizzel and I.

It was really great getting together with everyone. I liked just hanging out. I think that should be the rule every time we have family visit. We have to go to the park for a picnic. Alright it is decided. I just made it official.