Sunday, June 28, 2009



So I just returned from a trip to Colorado. I went with my Parents, Ryan, and Uncle Ron and family. It was so much fun!!! I took ~1 million pictures. This is only about 1/4th of the pictures I took (and it is a ton) so sorry in advance.

This is Ryan's game room in the first place we stayed. It was in the beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado.
Here is Lauren, Tierney, Ryan and Me getting ready for movie night.

Here is Tierney, Lauren and I in the time-out corner.

The next morning we went into town. It is very similar to Park City, but a little bigger and more Mountains.
We went shopping this is Tee-Dough and I waiting for some of the shoppers

Our favorite store was this hat shop. That had a billion different hats, glasses, jewerly, and scarfs. Here is my Mother trying on some glasses.
Tee-Dough, Lauren and Ryan trying on some hats and wigs.
Uncle Ronnie is one hip dude

This is me as a Rasta

The next day we went on a little drive to Royal Gorge and we went on a train ride through the Gorge. Most of this trip we were split up into 2 groups: The Kids and The Adults.
The Kids (I really like that I am still in the kid group)

The Adults

This is the bathroom on the train. It is a one way window. I kind of just wanted to sit there and look through that window. It wasn't ideal though so I went back to my real seat.
Tee-Dough and I

Ryan and I

Some of the scenery.

Tierney checking out the view.
That is the bridge that we were headed to next.
Also the tram going across the Gorge.
This is us going across the bridge. It is a very old bridge made with planks, it would sway in the wind and when a car would drive over you could feel it moving like crazy. It was kind of frightening. I was standing on one plank and when a truck went over it shot me into the air a little.
A picture through the planks in the bridge, there is the Arkansas River
They had flags along the bridge, I took a picture of Utah and then see there in the background that is the Sky Coaster on the edge of that cliff there. I will explain more soon.
We reached the other side and hung out for a minute. Uncle Ron made it over the bridge, he went way faster than everyone else and didn't look down, but he made it across.

So here is Ryan and Tierney on the Sky Coaster. There are just under a hundred in the world (there is one at Lagoon), this one is the scariest cause you have the hundred + drop and you swing out over the gorge that is a thousand + drop. VERY SCARY!!

Here is Lauren and I right after the drop.

Our first swing right before the edge of the cliff.
And us out over the Gorge. It was AMAZING!!!!
Definitely worse than the Sky Coaster at Lagoon. I Survived!
This is a railway that takes you down in the Gorge from the top. It goes down at a 45 degree angle. Here is Papa Bear, Me, Patty, Ron, and Lauren.

Tierney, Mama Bear, Ryan, and Papa Bear.
Here is the railway from below.
Down at the bottom right next to the river.
There is the Royal Gorge.
After we went to dinner at Bubba Gumps. My Father's classic picture in the Forest Gump shoes.

Here are some of 'The Kids' with our light up cups (sadly the photo doesn't catch the coolness of the light-up cup).

Dad and Mom, they sure look tired.

Patty, Ron, and Lauren

So Next day was our big Rafting Adventure! We went on a trip down the Arkansas River.
Here we are posing in front of the boat before we set out.
Right before take-off.
This is me with my best Oarsmen face.
The company that we went through took pictures of us at the 'Zoom Floom'. Here we are heading down our first class 3 rapid. The was a range between 1 and 4.

Notice Tierney's face through these pictures. The look is the same, and that look is pure Terror! Our guide Tonya saw the pictures after and said that she was very glad that she didn't see that face while we were going down cause she wouldn't have been able to stop laughing.

Some more pictures of the waves.

We got pretty wet through-out the whole trip and the water was really cold, but nice and refreshing. This picture here is right as I got knocked into the boat.

So there is me in the boat, I was still trying to help oar. So this was the last picture that they took of us, and then they started taking pictures of the other boat that was in our group. This is what they missed; Lauren right after this picture, was focused on smiling for the camera and was startled by a large bump and in she went, by in I mean the water. She just slid right over the side. Luckily she landed right next to the boat, and thanks to Uncle Mark she was pulled right back into the boat. I tried really hard to help, but when I landed in the boat my leg went under the seat in front of me and I couldn't get over to the other side. Anyway our guide said she was their first swimmer in the Zoom Floom this year. This is why the rest of the trip she was lovingly called Zoom.
Here is us about 3/4ths of the way through. Still alive and kickin'. Right after this picture there was also something very exciting that happened. Alas I have no pictures for you so you just get to hear the story. We had just gone down a class 4 called 'Suck Hole'. We went down perfectly, to the left of the huge hydraulic. So we stopped to see how the other boat in our group did (there were 3 guides and a couple with their teenage daughter). We were watching and they were doing great and then all the sudden there boat went straight up and knocked them all out and turned right over. It was so crazy! I always kind of wondered what that would be like. I am so glad that I just watched and didn't actually do it myself. They all popped right up and our boat went into rescue mode. We tried to go upstream and started pulling the others into our boat. I helped get the mother in and one of the guides while the other 2 guides got the boat and flipped it over. It was really quite exciting. Our guide was very impressed with our rescue skills. It was really very exciting.

Here is Tee-Dough and I after the river.

Then Zoom and I. We Made it!!! Came out in one piece.

This is us before the Alpine Slide in Breckenridge we hung out here for a while and then headed over to Copper Mountain for the rest of our stay.
This is the view from Zoom and My room. Isn't it Amazing!
We spent a lot of down time playing games. Which I am totally okay with. I love playing games and you don't always get to play. We played a lot of Speed Scrabble, Nerts, and Clue.

While the Gentlemen... and Tierney went and played Disc Golf, the rest of the Women went shopping at the Outlets. It was really cool. There were 3 different villages full of stores and there was this huge river that ran through them all. It was great.

This is me being a bear.

This is us waiting for the shuttle to go on to another village.
Here we are in the Hot Tub, it was oh so nice.

That is the view from the hot tub. That is living.

The next day we headed off to Glenwood Springs. Here is Ryan and Tee-Dough going up in the gondola that takes us to the Glenwood Canyon Adventure Park.
Here is Zoom and I
We played on the mechanical bull while we were waiting for our cave tour. Here is Tee-Dough acting like a pro.
Lauren one-handed.
Here I am, I didn't stay on long at all, it is harder than it looks.
Uncle Ron flying off.
Here is Dad, her really did fly off.
Inside the caves. They were really cool. Very similar to the Timpinogos Caves.
Lauren, Ron, Tierney, and Patty
Ryan, Cindy, Me, Mark

There is another ride here that swings you out over the valley. This one isn't as scary as the other one. Cause you are strapped in a lot better and it was a much smaller drop. Still really cool though. My Mom and Dad were brave enough to try this one.
That is the view we had.
There was a Alpine like Slide at this place that was much cooler that the other one. It was on tracks and you went up to 80 MPH. It was so awesome. At the end it just pulled you back up the mtn.
Here is me on my way up. I was really excited.

The view of Glenwood. There is the Slide there to the right. We went on that slide a bunch of times it was really cool.

Here we are eating, and what a view.
We had some old time pictures taken. That was really fun.
The Smiling one.
This is what the brothers were doing while we were getting ready.

This is the great city of VAIL! May I just say that I love this place so much. I want to live there. The buildings are Swedish looking and it is surrounded by tree covered mountains, and waterfalls.

This is right in town. Tee-Dough and I with Albert.

Papa and Mama Bear

The Girls by a water feature

That is a bear that we are all laying on if you can't tell. We really wanted to see a real one but we couldn't so we had to settle for this one.

This is us with a cloud to represent all the rain we had.

Here is Tee-Dough posing in town square.

Patty and Lauren. I loved this fountain and the building behind it. This place is just beautiful.

Mom down this little path that was beautiful.

Ryan and a bear

Tee-Dough with some bears.

This is on the way out of Vail. It is kind of blurred but I still think that it is a cool picture.
The last day it was so sad.

Tee-Dough in the ski patrol thing.

Here we are going up the lift to the top of the mtn to say goodbye to the view.

Us on the lift.

Here is Mom and Dad playing king of the Mountain.
Hanging out in the snow.

This is me after Tee-Dough outed me. I accidently gagged myself while brushing my teeth and threw up my breakfast. It really stunk cause it was a really good breakfast. Sorry about the story. I just thought it was kind of funny.
Here is the view going down. Beautiful isn't it.

Goodbye Colorado. The trip was awesome! I had so much fun. Thank you Uncle Ron and Aunt Patty for the great time.

On the way home we stopped at the San Rafael Swell for some pictures. I was standing on this corner trying to act normal for this picture, and get a couple of pictures for myself. This is right before I was attacked by flying red ants. There were so many. I got bit on my big toe and it stung and went numb, and stayed that way for the rest of the day.

All for this picture.
Here was another stop along the way. Then it was straight home. What a trip!