Saturday, May 30, 2009


Ok so I don't know if you know what a Snuggie is (I didn't until I was at Ross and saw Snuggies and said 'what the h--- is a Snuggie), but they are the blankets with a zipper and armholes. My roommate Sydney and I thought they were hilarious and bought them. They were only $5.00, which is worth it for the endless hours of fun that we have had, and which will inevitably come. We decided that we needed to take pictures of us in our Snuggies and we got a little carried away, here are a few that we took don't worry there are much, much more.

We were being really crazy. My temporary roommate Danie took all the pictures of us and she thought that we were really creepy. Which we probably were, but deep down I think she was just jealous that she didn't get a Snuggie. We tried but she thought it was just too weird. 

This is what she looked like the whole time. 

I am sorry this is really random, I just thought these pictures were hilarious. I think that everyone should have a Snuggie, they are really funny. 

PS This post might give you a little glimpse into the reason that I am still single. I might just be a little bit crazy. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Antelope Island

For Memorial Day we went out to Antelope Island and hung out for the day. It was really fun and I got WAY too much sun. My skin is a purply-red color. I really hope that all this pain that I am going through now, means that I will have a sweet tan. Cause it is painful. 

Anyway we went on a bike ride, I was told before that it was easy and that anyone could do it. I will in 3 words paint the picture in your mind. Rocks, Narrow, Beautiful. It was Beautiful very pretty. The trail was a devil, for someone who has never left the pavement it was tough, and by rocks I mean BIG rocks. I still had a lot of fun though. It was really cool.

Ryan, Me and Nate


Me and Sarah (she broke her shoe and she kept going, what a trooper)

This is me so happy cause I know that I am heading back.

This was taken from the pavilion where we hung out when we weren't riding the bikes. It was a really great day. I thought it was going to be stormy, but it was nice. 

I made a Princess Sand Castle for Kaylee. It is not pretty, but it is the best I could do. 

The Princess with her Castle.

Then there is Brenna having fun in the sun. 

New Deck

So my parents decided to undertake a little do-it-yourself project and are re-doing the deck. It really is about time, cause every time you took a step onto the thing you braced yourself for, what you thought was going to be, an unavoidable plummet to the earth. 

 I got there too late to do a before picture, because my brother got excited and started tearing it down. Ryan took a sledge hammer to the railing thinking he needed all his strength to break it down, turns out that it didn't and a board flew and clobbered Nate (not to worry it is all on video(which I don't have access to at the time, but trust me it is funny)). Anyway here is the best before picture I could do, sans-deck. Then I will give you the beautiful new one once it is finished.


They dug the holes for the post and Kaylee said that it was her home. I have to admit it was just the right size it could very well be her home. So here is Kaylee in her home.

And you can't show one without the other. Here is Brenna walking around assessing the damage.

Anyway I think that is really going to turn out nice. My Dad and brothers say that they know what they are doing so we will see what happens. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Update on the Square Foot Garden

I keep meaning  to do this, and so I take the pictures for the post and then inevitably something comes up and keeps me from posting about it. But, since I don't have much else to say now is the time for the Garden Update. 

First I need to introduce you to Ted, Ted the Gnome. He is the loyal, fearless guardian of my Garden. I saw him in the dollar section at Target, he stands about 3 inches high and is the perfect size for my garden, so I said that I must have him. 


Anyway moving on, so since I have gone out and taken pictures of the garden a few different times. I am going to show you a shot of the peas each time I took pictures. So they are going to slowly get bigger, much like what they do in really life. Maybe if you scroll down really fast it will look like they are growing right before your very eyes.....I am kidding, don't really try it. Anyway off you go. Here are the peas.

Do you see Ted in there, remember he is 3 inches and those peas are towering over him. It is so great. 

Then here is a picture or the Spinach that is growing quite nicely.

Then here is the whole thing. I have the peas in 3 squares. Then 3 squares for the lettuce, I am growing Romaine, Red Sails, and Spiniach (I have some Parsley in the same square as the Spinich, which is against the sanctity of the square, so that is why it is mentioned in parentheses (meant to imply a whisper)). I have 2 squares of Cucumbers, and one square of Cilantro. 

So there is my garden. I feel like it is doing so well thanks to beginners luck. I mean lets face it, if it didn't grow this first time I would've quit the whole thing for good. So here's to beginners luck.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Women's Day

I had a really great day today, hangin' with my girls. I am going to call it Women's Day. In Russia instead of Mother's Day they have Women's Day. And since I spent a little time in Russia I feel like I am obligated to celebrate both...If you haven't noticed I am holding onto that Russia experience with everything I've got, cause it is one of the few things that makes me cool.... anyway back to the present. So today was our unofficial Women's Day.

So the day started with a trip to Good Things Utah. The people on the show were so nice and it was fun to be a part of a live studio audience. It was really pretty cool, we got some free stuff. AND I was on TV for like 5 seconds and I looked pretty dorky, but what can you do. Here we are with the Lady's.

Grandma, Me, Crystal, Shyanne, Kim, Sarah, Wendy
Nicea, Angie, Marti, Reagan, and Cindy

After the show we went and ate at the Garden, in the Joseph Smith Building.

Me and my Mom

Grandma, Sarah, Cindy, Me, Shyanne, Crystal, Wendy, Kim

Then we went outside and walked around in the beautiful flowers.

The rest of this post is going to be pictures of us in the flowers. Cause we took a million pictures, But I ask you how could you not, look at how beautiful they are.

Sarah, Grandma, Me, and Shyanne



Me and Sarah

Crystal, Wendy, Kim, Shyanne. Yes that is Grandma, her idea, she was being so dang silly. What can you do.

Me and my Mom again. So Cute!

Grandma enjoying the flowers.

Ok so at this point. I realized that I have a camera that can do some cool tricks so the rest of them are me playing with the color accent feature on my camera.

Sarah my beautiful Sister-in-law

The Pink accent

Then finally, my favorite picture. My Grandma with the yellow flowers.

She is just so CUTE!

I had a lot of fun, and the flowers were amazing. The moral of this post is to stop and smell the flowers OR at the least go to temple square and check them out.